Why should a professional choose ICF Team Coaching Training?

Why should a professional choose ICF Team Coaching Training?

The advent of coaching activities within the corporate sector has inadvertently led to a surge in demand for team coaching training in the USA. Along with the usual coach aspirants, several senior officials and executives are opting for such courses, citing the benefits that it generates through self-enhancement of leadership skills and a better understanding of a team’s making.

If you are a professional interested in getting certified as a team coach, an ICF-accredited coaching training course can be the best option. When doing that, make sure that you check if it is an accredited course. That is one of the first things you should consider while choosing the course. Now, several governing bodies offer accreditations to team coaching courses, but ICF leads ahead of all. What is it? Why choose the ICF team coaching course? Let’s explore.

What is ICF?

International Coaching Federation (ICF) is a global coaching regulatory organization with chapters across the world. It has the highest number of credentialed coaches, making it one of the most influential entities within the coaching community. ICF does not offer training to aspiring coaches, but it does approve the training courses and offer individual certificates and credentials to professional coaches.

The ICF has been driving development in the coaching industry for decades, setting high standards in core coaching competencies and the Code of Ethics, which are the basis of the course contents. Getting certified and credentialed under ICF solidifies one’s profile as a coach in the eye of the client and the employer, whichever is relevant to the situation.

What is team coaching training?

Under the ICF accreditation, team coaching training is an extensive learning program comprising both theoretical and practical approaches. The program trains aspiring team coaches, shaping them into successful coaches.

These training courses are designed to equip one with the practical tools and techniques, which through application during coaching sessions would generate a positive response from the team members, ranging from gaining a sense of self-awareness to enhancing individual and collaborative performances.

Team coaching training in the USA enhances one’s ability and knowledge to offer a methodical and coaching-based approach towards team building, laying the foundation of high-performing teams in an organization. The aspiring coaches learn how to conduct sessions with corporate teams, helping them improve cohesion and coordination.

How to get ICF Team Coaching Certificate?

Now, coming to the details regarding team coaching certification.

  • The first step is enrolling in a reputed institute with a well-reviewed faculty.
  • A standard ICF-accredited team coaching course can range from 20 to 125 training hours or more.
  • The course may or may not include mentoring/mentor coaching. This is necessary if you want to acquire ICF Credential.
  • The mentoring can be completed along with the training.
  • While training, you can start practicing as a coach.
  • These hours can be counted as “experience hours” towards your ICF Credential.
  • The number of training hours and experience hours varies with the ICF Credential levels.

As mentioned earlier, getting an ICF Credential is not mandatory. However, it does add to your credibility as a team coach. And you can get an ICF Credential only after getting trained from an ICF-accredited course.


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