ICF Team Coaching Certification Course

Team Transformation Associate Coach

Advance your career with our Associate Team Transformation Certified Coach Program

ICF Accreditation (ACSTH) (Under Process with ICF)
EMCC Accreditation (Under process with EMCC)
BCC Accreditation (Under process with BCC)

Program Summary

Program Duration 3 Days (Classroom) / 8 Weeks (Online)
LocationsClassroom - Live Class
Program LayoutClassroom: 3 days of classroom workshop of 8 hours each /
Online: 2 hours weekly classes
Program Language English
Lead Instructor ICF Credentialed ACC, PCC, or MCC Coach with Coach Trainer Certification
FeeUS$ 2499.00

Program Outcome

Team coaching is distinct from individual coaching. In team coaching, the team as a whole is the client, and collective performance is the goal. Team Transformation Institute's Certified Team Transformation Associate Coach Program is designed for aspiring career coaches, executive coaches, and business coaches. Participants from diverse disciplines such as corporate executives, team leaders, senior management, and HR leaders can take advantage of this program .

This Foundational level program introduces you to the core concepts of Team Coaching. Our systematic, instructor-led program is your pathway to leadership and the first level of our Certified Team Transformation Coach program. Our Certified Team Transformation Associate Coach program helps you develop a supportive context to both support and challenge a group to grow and increase performance over time.

Program Details

Our Certified Team Transformation Associate Coach program is a 3-Day classroom training program. You can also join us online (8 weeks) if you do not prefer face-to-face training. Both classroom and online training are instructor-led, with practical examples and peer coaching opportunities.
Our Certified Team Transformation Associate Coach contains the first module of our Certified Team Transformation Coach training program. This module is the Foundational Module of the training introducing you with the core concepts of Team Coaching. Upon the completion of this program, you will have the complete knowledge of what is Team Coaching, its applications, and the effectiveness of Team Coaching in the modern-day scenario.
You will receive 4 hours of assignments including fieldwork as a part of Associate Team Transformation Certified Coach training program. You are required to complete all the assignments prior to your Certification process.
Upon the completion of the program, mentoring, and assignments, you will undergo a Performance Evaluation to ensure that you have complete knowledge and skills of a certified Team Coach. Once you complete the performance evaluation successfully, you will be awarded the Team Transformation Associate Coach certification by Team Transformation Institute.

About Us

Team Transformation Institute is a leading global coach training organization, building a universal network of certified coaches with a commitment to deliver the highest standard of coach training.

Through our world-class extensive classroom workshops and fully interactive online training programs, we help you achieve your professional goals. Our advanced Certified Team Transformation Coach programs are to help you equip with the cutting-edge leadership and team coaching skills.

As a part of the continuing professional development, we support our team coaches to continue to sharpen their skills after they have completed the training. Our programs are synergistic, practical in nature, creating numerous sustainable results to help you develop as a professional Certified Team Transformation Master Coach.

Connect With Us

Our team coaching course is a coaching certification course designed for professionals who want to lead teams and organizations towards sustainable results. This is an ICF accredited team coaching training course and can counts towards achieving the ICF Credentialing. Our foundational team coaching certification course gives a clear understanding of what is team coaching, its core concepts, and what makes the team coaching different from one-to-one coaching, or other interventions, such as team building.

Our foundational team coaching course also allows participants to engage with our global community where they – share reflections, get into constructive discussions, share learning experiences, and hence, promote a deeper understanding of themselves and others through coaching.