Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ’s for Coaches

At Team Transformation, we support aspiring and experienced coaches to translate learning and self-insight into thoughtful learning experiences. We're here to help you in everything and every way concerning our programs and services.
I'm already practicing coaching. Can I join your program?
Our programs are open for all coaches who wish to expand their coaching skills through our programs.
Are Team Transformation programs different from other programs?
Our Team Transformation programs are one-of-a-kind programs, blending the core competencies and contemporary Team coaching methods in a fun, innovative way.
Is your online training different than classroom training?
Our program training delivered in the classroom and online both gives you equal opportunities to grow as a coach. You will have access to all our resources for learning, whether joining us in the classroom or virtually.
What does the application process involve?
Spots on the programs are confirmed on a first-come, first-served basis, taking into consideration the applicant's level, objectives, and the diversity of the classes. We recommend that you submit your completed application as early as possible.
Are all the programs accredited with ICF?
Yes, all Team Transformation programs are accredited with the International Coaching Federation (ICF).
How can I become an ICF Certified Coach?
Please note that the International Coaching Federation (ICF) does not offer training for becoming a coach. The ICF accredits programs that deliver coach training. Our programs are ICF accredited, providing coach training aligned with ICF Core Competencies. Contact us for detailed information.

For Organizations

With Team Transformation, experience a powerful shift in your organizational culture. With collaborative and collective goals, achieve the results your business deserves.
What's the right time to get help for my team?
Teams may not perform well all the time, we get it. But if your team is consistently entangled into distrust and conflicts, it's time to intervene coaching culture in the business.
How does the confidentiality work for a coach if hired?
Any coaching relationship starts with an agreement of high levels of trust, openness, and confidentiality. Each session and conversation in coaching, whether working with an individual or organization, is kept confidential.
How to identify if the coaching is actually working?
As an organization, you will receive a complete assessment of your team(s). At the start of each engagement, we work with you to discover your core work values and measurable goals.
Why do I need a coach? I can hire someone else to manage my team(s).
Surely you can do this on your own or hire someone else to get the changes you desire. However, our wide expertise in directing people through change will lead your organization towards agile and self-sustained development.
Why should I hire a coach outside my organization?
Internal coaches can be a great support for an organization, especially for junior staff. Executives and decision-makers are more open with external coaches as they may not find the leadership expertise required at that level and/or want to share challenges openly without the concern of repercussion or breaches of confidentiality.
What is the expertise of trainers?
Our trainers are experienced, ICF Credentialed coaches with expertise in working with professionals, leaders, and teams ready to challenge themselves to a higher level of effectiveness, personal, and professional satisfaction, and communication.
What programs and retreats do you offer?
Our retreats and programs are designed especially for teams, executives, and organizations who are ready to embrace the change and step into the future with confidence. We offer tailored coaching experiences, consultancy, and retreat services to organizations and corporate.

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