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Executive Coaching Certification Program

Deepen your Coaching Skills and earn Credentials

ICF Accreditation (ACSTH)
EMCC Accreditation
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    Course Summary

    Course Duration5 Days
    Course DeliveryOnline (Live via Zoom)
    Course Language English
    Coach Faculties Dr. Haris Syed, ICF MCC & Team Coach
    FeeRequest for Price
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    Course Outcome

    Team Coaching Institute's Executive Coaching Certification training program is an exclusive program for a new generation of global leaders. Our unique approach towards executive coaching training helps organizations, management, and leaders to evolve their potential, adopt change, and drive the world towards a positive, sustainable change through their influential leadership.

    From exploring what makes a modern leader successful, to driving the productive shift, you will learn everything to become an influential leader. Our executive coaching certification program supports the continuous professional advancement for external certified coaches and augments the coaching capability of Human Resources and Learning & Development professionals. Our executive coaching training programs are open to professionals, managers, leaders, and influencers from a wide variety of disciplines and backgrounds, including business consulting, Human Relations (HR) and Organizational Development (OD), Learning & Development, and more.

    Being an Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP) from the International Coaching Federation (ICF), Team Transformation Institute provides you the complete executive coaching certification, coupled with one to one mentoring to impart intuitive leadership learning opportunities and invaluable tools.

    Course Details

    There are 5 modules in this course. In addition, there is 10 hours of mentoring during these sessions which is separate from 5 modules, mentoring is done as 7 hours of group mentoring and 3 hours of individual mentoring.

    Module 1: Foundational Coaching Skills
    The learning objective of this module is to help participants understand the basics of coaching so that before team coaches start coaching teams, they understand the definition of coaching, its processes, what coaching is not, application of coaching in multiple aspects of personal, professional & organizational development.
    Module 2: ICF Competencies & Application in Executive Coaching
    At the end of this module in Executive Coaching Services Dubai, students get clear understanding of ICF Core Competencies and how they can be applied in team coaching and further build them in coaching conversations. This is a highly interactive and practical module where students start to practice and build coaching skills through intensive practice and assessing their own coaching conversation through extensive practice & self-reflection work.
    Module 3: Executive Coaching Models Application
    At the end of this module in Executive Coaching Dubai, student understand how to coach teams and use different coaching models that can be applied in coaching the teams. Students also undergo and understand how to apply competencies like establishing coaching agreement, Trust and Intimacy, Active Listening, powerful questioning, designing actions, planning and goal setting and managing progress and accountability.
    Module 4: Coaching Practice
    This module in Executive Coaching Certification Dubai allow students to practice team coaching with ICF core competencies. Students are assigned virtual teams and they coach one another and work on sharpening their coaching competencies. All 11 core competencies are practiced during each session and students are given feedback by ICF PCC or MCC certified coach
    Module 5: Mentoring
    As part of the credentialing preparation students must undergo mentoring sessions to fulfil the ICF requirement. This module is part of the program and prepares students for ICF credentialing. This is delivered as 7 hours of group mentoring and 3 hours of one to one mentoring. The Executive Coaching Certification Dubai will sharp-n-up your coaching skills.

    Cancellation & Refund Policy

    There is no refund upon cancellation.

    Visa Refusal refund policy: When travelling from outside the country where course is conducted please allow sufficient time before the start of your course or your visa application procedure. Team Transformation is unable to sponsor student residence visas. If you are refused a visa we will provide a full refund of fees. In order to make the refund we will require a copy of your application and your notification of rejection for your visa. Where we are informed of a visa application refusal less than 29 days before the start of the course, you will incur a 250 USD administration fee.


    What's the difference between Executive Coaching and Team Coaching?
    Executive Coaching training focuses on individual development while team coaching focuses on collective goals and performance.
    Who should get Executive Coaching Certification training?
    C-suite executives and line managers who wish to work on their goals and rise up to challenges quickly should go for our Executive Coaching Certification training.
    Is Team Transformation's Executive Coaching training ICF Certified?
    Yes. Our Executive Coaching training is ICF-Accredited. The program completion awards you 60 ICF coach training hours under the ACSTH pathway.
    Can I coach after getting Team Transformation Executive Coaching Certification?
    Absolutely. Team Transformation is an internationally recognized coach training provider, giving you higher credibility as a professional certified coach.
    What's unique about Team Transformation's Executive Coaching Certification Course?
    Team Transformation offers world-class, experiential, interactive coaching training helping you apply coaching skills instantly in your work scenarios. We're proud of our internationally acclaimed coach faculties.

    About Us

    Team Transformation Institute is a leading global coach training organization, building a universal network of certified coaches with a commitment to deliver the highest standard of coach training. Through our world-class extensive classroom workshops and fully interactive online training programs, we help you achieve your professional goals. Our advanced Certified Team Transformation Coach programs are ICF Accredited Coach Training programs that includes Coach training, mentoring, assignments, and fieldwork to help you equip with the cutting-edge leadership, executive and team coaching skills.

    As a part of the continuing professional development, we support our coaches to continue to sharpen their skills after they have completed the training. Our programs are synergistic, practical in nature, creating numerous sustainable results to help you develop as a professional Certified Team Transformation Executive Coach.

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