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Team Transformation’s Team Building Training & Coaching Retreats offers unprecedented coaching experiences that bring out the best within team members. Our workshops are not your regular team-building retreats. We align activities that identify the blind spots and make the team members work on them in a fun, engaging, and learning way.

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    Our team-building training and coaching retreats are highly customizable as every team and organization wants to achieve different goals and are as unique as fingerprints. Depending on the number of people attending, where you are, and the team type, we first assess to plan out the activities and coaching sessions required.

    Team Transformation builds team coaching retreats based on three phases:

    First Phase: Discovery

    We begin with a discovery session to determine your needs at the individual, team, and organizational level and design the team building coaching sessions. These assessments are at three levels –

    Team members explore their patterns and work styles with their team during the retreat.
    Your team gains insight on areas for development during the retreat. The assessment helps us in team facilitation and coaching.
    The Team Leader Assessment centers around leaders increasing awareness through coaching and detailed feedback. We leverage their leadership skills to prepare them for the team-building retreat process.

    Team Transformation's Team Coaching & Training Retreats

    These assessments and explorations then serve as the base for our coaching agreement. We integrate them into your team-building retreat to agree on new team behaviors and values that they wish to hold themselves accountable for higher team performance.

    Second Phase: Workshop

    What happens when the team members start recognizing each other beyond their work profiles? When we coach teams, we engage them in a more meaningful way to build greater cohesiveness. Team Transformation blends highly interactive team-building experiences to coach members collectively to:
    Break the ice among team members
    Catalyze "inside out" change
    Becoming more cohesive and transparent in their working agreements
    Recalibrate work styles
    Learn about the organizational design process
    While experiencing coaching, the team begins to 'own' what they created and agreed upon in the first phase. And starts exploring the ways to develop the framework to follow the new agreement made during the assessments.

    Third Phase: Instant results & Transformational Process

    Team Transformation's team-building training and coaching retreats aim to foster transparency and collaboration among team members. We do not give answers to team members - we give them methods (not the monotonous ones) to seek those answers and create their own game process that they find easy to replicate and manage. At the end of the coaching phase, the team learns to:
    Take complete ownership of outcomes
    Focus on primary business goals
    Comprehends at what level they are functioning
    Take its performance to a new and higher level
    Finds a way to achieve its extraordinary game goal
    Overcome self-limiting beliefs
    Improve cross-functional communication
    The three Team Transformation Team-building Training & Coaching Retreat phases are custom-designed by senior expert facilitators and coaches experienced in organizational change, team development, and team coaching for their "best practices" in team-building retreats.

    Mode of Delivery

    Team Transformation offers Online, In-house (classroom), and blended team-building training and coaching retreats for corporations and businesses worldwide. Team Transformation’s Corporate Team Building Training & Retreat also offers a blended approach where organizations can plan out activities outside and online depending upon their requirements and goals.

    Our virtual team-building retreats are extensive company gatherings inspiring engagement, conversations, and interactions between colleagues of all levels. Team Transformation’s online team-building training and team coaching retreats are best for organizations with schedule conflicts, larger remote teams, or limited budgets. These retreats are as interactive as our in-house (classroom/venue-based), encompassing question and answer sessions, online meetups, polls, and public feedback.

    What’s included in the Team Transformation Team Building Training & Coaching Retreat?

    With Team Transformation, you don’t have to settle for the usual fun and games team-building retreat. Your team-building training & coaching retreat with Team Transformation can be fun, transformational, and sustainable.

    Break-out team exercises, take-away action plans, hands-on sessions, face-to-face discussions – our team-building retreats are experiential, highly-interactive, and engaging.

    For more information and to get started with planning your team-building retreat, get in touch with Team Transformation. We’re happy to help!


    Where is the team-building retreat conducted?
    We conduct a team-building retreat in the United Arab Emirates, wherever you are present. We also offer online or virtual team-building retreats on demand for corporate.
    Who are the facilitators of the team-building retreat?
    Dr. Haris Syed is our Master Facilitator. Our team-building facilitators are certified professional coaches who make retreat a fun, learning, and transformational experience.
    How long is the retreat?
    We schedule a discovery session to understand how we can customize the retreat program for your team. After this, we can decide on the duration of the retreat.
    Is team-building training included in the retreat?
    Team-building training is not a part of our retreat. Our retreats are based on team coaching, enhancing collective awareness, strength, and rapport among team members.
    Can I get team-building training with the retreat?
    For team-building training, we recommend contacting our Program Expert. Our retreats focus on team-building and team development only.
    How much do we charge for team-building retreats?
    Our charges for team-building retreats depend on various factors, including location, duration, materials, and more. We assist you in choosing and customizing the best program that meets your budget and goals.

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