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Our mission is to create engaged and high-performing teams.

Team Transformation is an international coach training provider accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF). Team Transformation Programs are highly interactive, experiential programs developed by the Master Team Coach and industry expert, Dr. Haris Syed, Ph.D., MCC.

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    Founded on the contemporary team coaching theory, the Team Transformation process picks up where traditional team building stops - coaching the team leader and the team through developmental stages and giving the team the transformational experience.
    Team Transformation provides the missing link in team development - coaching. Our programs provide a framework for partnership with the team leaders and their teams to lead collaborative development as the teams drive beyond organizational mandates.
    The Team Transformation's Master Coach Program in Team Coaching is part of a series of highly practical learning experiences accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF). Completing our ICF Mentoring & Credentialing module also makes you eligible to earn ICF Credentials at ACC and PCC level.
    Four Certification Levels
    The courses are divided into four certification levels to make it easier for you to learn and master team coaching skills: (i) Team Transformation Foundational Course (ii) Team Transformation Professional Coach (iii) Team Transformation Master Coach (iv) ICF Mentoring & Credentialing Course
    Team Transformation Certified
    Master the art of team coaching and receive four designations upon completing the entire levels of certification: (i) Team Transformation Certified Master Coach (ii) Team Transformation Certified Master Trainer (iii) Team Transformation Certified Master Facilitator (iv) Team Transformation Certified Master Consultant

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