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Team Transformation "ICF Certified Coach Training Program" - Overview

Team Transformation is a leading Team Coaching Certification Training provider, offering a comprehensive “ICF Accredited Coach Training Program,” tailored for coaches, consultants, managers, leadership teams, and organizational development professionals. Designed meticulously by the Award-Winning Team Coach & ICF Master Coach, Dr. Haris Syed, the Team Transformation offers a variety of hybrid and online coaching training for professionals and corporate teams.

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    Program Highlights

    5-Day Online (Live & Interactive) Workshop
    Led by Dr. Haris Syed
    Aligned with ICF Advanced Certification in Team Coaching training
    Accredited by ICF for Level 2 Pathway

    Why Team Transformation ?

    Prioritize Meaningful Goals: Acquire the skills to identify and prioritize goals that truly matter for team success.
    Habituate Productivity and Positivity: Develop new skills that enhance team productivity and foster a positive team culture.
    Utilize Team Transformation Coaching Tools: Track your progress with cutting-edge team coaching tools designed for collective results.
    Craft Effective Team Action Plans: Build structured plans that guide teams towards success with precision.
    Master Team Dynamics: Gain a profound understanding of team dynamics, applicable to any organizational context.
    Real-world Application: Translate theoretical knowledge into practical skills with Dr. Syed's guidance, ensuring your coaching strategies are applicable in real-world organizational scenarios.
    Exclusive Mentorship: Gain invaluable insights from Dr. Haris Syed, an ICF Master Coach and internationally acclaimed Team and Executive Coach.

    Who Should Attend ?

    Our Team Coach Certification program caters to a diverse range of professionals seeking to enhance their coaching skills and contribute to organizational success. It is ideal for:

    Leaders: Elevate your leadership capabilities by integrating team coaching skills into your team management approach.
    Consultants Engaged with Teams: Enhance your consultancy by incorporating coaching methodologies tailored for team development.
    Experienced Coaches: Expand your coaching expertise to include team coaching strategies.
    Internal Coaches: Individuals already serving as internal coaches within organizations will find this ICF accredited coaching program invaluable for refining their skills and deepening their impact on team dynamics.
    Individuals Facilitating Teams: Whether you are an experienced facilitator or just starting, this program equips you to identify and coach groups effectively.
    Managers and Supervisors: Equip managers and supervisors with the skills to lead and coach their teams more effectively, fostering a positive and productive work environment.
    Human Resources Professionals: HR professionals can benefit from learning team coaching to enhance their ability to support and develop teams within the organization.
    Organizational Development Specialists: Professionals specializing in organizational development can gain valuable insights into team dynamics, aiding in strategies implementation for positive organizational change.
    Internal Change Agents: Individuals responsible for driving change within organizations will find this program instrumental in navigating and facilitating team transformations.
    Anyone Seeking ICF Accreditation: Aspiring certified Team Coaches, Executive Coaches, and Leadership Coaches seeking ICF coaching certification will highly benefit from our ICF certified coach training program.

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      Program Benefits:

      Enhance Leadership Capability: Immerse yourself in a ICF accredited coaching program that enhances your leadership capabilities, allowing you to lead high-performing teams.
      Boost Staff Engagement and Retention: Learn techniques to increase staff engagement and retention, contributing to a positive organizational culture.
      Expand Experience with Teams: Build on your existing experience of working with teams, gaining valuable insights and strategies.
      Increase Team Confidence: Instill confidence in your teams through effective coaching strategies.
      Grow Career as Certified Team Coach: Earn recognition in the coaching industry with a globally respected ICF credential.
      Global Credibility: Upgrade your existing ICF coaching credentials with the ICF ACTC.

      ICF Accredited Coach Training Certification:

      Our Team Transformation Coach program is a complete ICF Accredited Coach Training Program, perfect for those aspiring to earn ICF accredited coaching certification. This certification encompasses three modules, empowering you with the skills to coach teams collectively and individuals one-on-one.

      Corporate Offerings:

      Led by Dr. Haris Syed, an ICF Master Coach with expertise in Organizational Psychology, our corporate offerings are available online and in-person on demand as per the organizational schedule and learning preferences. Contact us to learn more about our tailored team coaching services for corporations.

      Join Our Certified Coach Training:

      Aspiring certified Team Coaches, Executive Coaches, and Leadership Coaches seeking ICF coaching certification are welcome to join our ICF certified coach training program online or in-house. Our course provides a platform to develop relational behavior, agility, and productive engagement with teams, peers, and clients.

      Start Your Coaching Journey with Us:

      Experience the effectiveness of our in-house coach training or the convenience of our online courses. Join Team Transformation for the best ICF accredited coaching certification in team coaching.