Terms and Conditions

Course Information

The course fee includes Team Transformation’s training material, classroom training expenses – refreshments and lunch. Joining instructions will be sent to participants prior to the course start date. A Certificate of completion the course will be awarded to participants who have attended and successfully completed the course and met all the requirements of the course in full.

Registration Confirmation

All registrations will be accepted by a confirmation email of acceptance (registration including online, by telephone and in person) which will include the required details of the training course, the price you paid, and requesting for any specific participant requirements.

Cancellation, Transfers and Non-Attendance

All cancellations and requests to transfer must be made in writing by email to info@teamtransformation.com and will be acknowledged in writing.

Cancellation Terms

There is no refund upon cancellations; you can transfer your reservation to another person or to a later date for yourself.

Visa Refusal refund policy: When travelling from outside the country where course is conducted, please allow sufficient time before the start of your course for your visa application procedure. The Team Transformation is unable to sponsor student residence visas. If you are refused a visa, we will provide a full refund of fees. In order to make the refund we will require a copy of your application and your notification of rejection for your visa. Where we are informed of a visa application refusal less than 29 days before the start of the course, you will incur a 250 USD administration fee.


There is no charge for transferring to an alternative course date, provided the request is received 30 or more days before the start of the course and an alternative course date is available. Requests to transfer received 29 days before the start of the course will be subject to a transfer fee of 25 per cent of the course fees.


If the participant fails to attend the course, the full course fees are payable.

Disclaimer We reserve the right to cancel a training course at any time and offer an alternative date, a credit or a refund without any liability for consequential or indirect loss. Courses are correct at the time of going to print. However, alterations may occasionally be necessary due to circumstances beyond our control. Views expressed by course trainers are their own. Team Transformation does not accept any liability for advice given or views expressed by them or in any notes or documentation provided to course participants.

Professional photographic and video production may take place at the event, and these images may be used on future promotional materials for Team Transformation events. Please note that by attending the event, you are giving your consent for your image/videos or any material produced during the event to be used on any Team Transformation promotional and training materials.


  • Participants are not allowed to record audio or video during the training program without prior approval.
  • All recordings produced during training as part of the coaching practice to be kept confidential.
  • Violation of confidentiality may lead to serious consequences up to a legal action in local jurisdiction.


  • We and Us in this Terms & Conditions refer to the Team Transformation of 704, Saheel Tower-1, Al Nahda-1, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. You may contact us via info@teamtransformation.com.
  • Confidential Information means the information provided by one party to the other in written, graphic, recorded, machine-readable, or another form concerning the business, clients, suppliers, finances, and other areas of the other party’s business or products, including, without limitation, the Course Materials, but does not include the public domain information.
  • Learning Materials means the information provided by us to accompany a course/program as a part of the training in hard copy or electronic form.
  • Intellectual Property Rights means copyright, rights in or relating to databases, patent rights, designs, registered designs, trademarks, rights in or relating to Confidential Information, and other intellectual property rights (registered or unregistered) throughout the world.
  • Online Course means the delivery of an online course/program conducted by us to which the participant agrees to get trained and receive course materials in person or remotely.
  • In-person Course means a course/program taught by us in a classroom setting to which the participant attends in person.
  • Training means the Online Course/Program and/or the In-Person Course and/or the Course Materials together with such other services as agreed from time to time and purchased by the participant from us.
  • Participant means the individual accessing or participating in the training, or the company, or other legal entity on behalf of which such individual is accessing or participating as applicable.

Terms & Conditions of Enrollment

  1. We do not guarantee that the participant will obtain a particular result or employment opportunity from, and completion of any training offered by us.
  2. All the training sessions will be held in English and/or the local language, and the learning materials will be handed out in English unless otherwise agreed.
  3. By attending or participating in the training offered by us, the participant herewith acknowledges NOT to hold Coach Transformation responsible for any loss or damage whatsoever and howsoever incurred as a result of the participation.
  4. All the learning materials contained and presented in the Team Transformation’s training help create rapid and lasting change. The participant agrees to use the information presented in the training for self-improvement only and/or to achieve only positive outcomes when working with others.
  5. The capability of the techniques, models, and tools mentioned or taught in the training requires diligence, integrity, and respect for the highest intention of all individuals.
  6. We are responsible only for providing the training, not for the success or the outcome of the training.
  7. The participant agrees to partake in the training of his/her own will. Always accept complete responsibility for his/her well-being. And further, certify that he/she is a healthy individual and physically and psychologically fit to fully participate in the training.
  8. The participant agrees that participation in this training would NOT be harmful for him/her in any nature.
  9. Exempt Team Transformation, their representatives, employees, and trainers from the results of any portion of the training in which the participant voluntarily participates. The participant will notify one of our representatives before participating in this training if this does not accurately reflect his/her situation.
  10. The training may raise emotional distress or issues and is not intended to provide a therapeutic environment or act as a substitute for ongoing counseling or psychotherapy, and any unresolved issues which may surface, and warrant counseling will be incurred by the participant.
  11. Our representative, trainer, staff member, or employee can ask the participant to leave the training instantly if found unfit (or disruptive) to participate in the training. No questions or discussions will be entered, and Team Transformation will be the sole judge. The participant will not be entitled to any refunds.

Intellectual Property Rights

  • All learning materials, whether on the study or the training day(s), are owned by the Team Transformation.
  • All intellectual property rights in all materials available, including the design, graphics, and text of all printed materials and the audio of all webinars and podcasts, are owned by the Team Transformation.
  • No content may be copied, reproduced, uploaded, posted, displayed, or linked to in any way, in whole or in part, without the Team Transformation’s prior permission. Any such use is strictly prohibited and will constitute an infringement of Team Transformation’s intellectual property rights.
  • The participant agrees NOT to record the training or any part thereof.

Team Transformation will be entitled to attorney’s fees, if any legal action, including arbitration or an action for declaratory relief, is brought to enforce this agreement, which may be set by the arbitrators or the court in the same action or in a separate action brought for that purpose, in addition to any other relief to which Team Transformation may be entitled.

Exposure to Indisposition

  • Team Transformation is not responsible for any exposure to illnesses or diseases that may occur at any time while participating in training under the control of Team Transformation.
  • The participant agrees and acknowledges that due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, training activities could be hazardous in exposing him/her to the virus and other infectious diseases and disorders, causing extreme illness and possibly death.
  • The participant is voluntarily participating in the training and hereby accepts any risk of illness, injury, or death, and accepts full responsibility for knowing, understanding, and complying with the most recent guidelines published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (“CDC”), as well as applicable national, state, and local laws and directives.
  • The participant perpetually agrees to (1) Release Team Transformation from all liability arising from any illness, disease, or injury and related claims, expenses, and causes of action; (2) NOT to sue Team Transformation, and (3) defend and hold Team Transformation harmless from all claims, damages, and expenses related thereto, including attorneys’ fees.
  • “Team Transformation” refers to Coach Transformation’s directors, trainers, representatives, employees, advertisers, independent contractors, and advisors.
  • This Waiver is not limited to situations involving COVID-19 and includes all other infectious diseases and medical disorders, including those caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi, or parasites.

Participation Consent

Participant acknowledges and agrees to:

  • Use the skills learned in this training with the highest ethical standards.
  • Use the information learned in this training only as it is appropriate to his/her personal level of expertise, existing profession, credentials, and/or education.
  • This training is NOT a substitute for any formal education in the behavioral sciences.
  • This training is NOT a substitute for any form of therapy.
  • The participant is solely responsible for his/her own actions and emotions and holds Team Transformation or any of its employees or representatives or trainers harmless of any liability for their actions and emotions.
  • Not use any trademarks or copyrights without the written consent of Team Transformation and/or other appropriate parties.
  • Understand that Team Transformation training is for vocational or non-vocational self-improvement, does not include or attempt to work in areas such as psychotherapy, psychiatry, medicine, etc., which are outside their chosen specialty; and that problems of psychogenic or functional origin are only accepted and treated by psychological or medical personnel.
  • Acknowledge and agree to understand that HYPNOTHERAPY/ NLP/ TIMELINE THERAPY/ NLP COACHING/ COACHING and other techniques applied by Team Transformation are a conditioning process, whereby an individual is taught to use their OWN ABILITIES for their OWN BENEFIT. Therefore, understand that the results will be dependent upon the participant’s ability to communicate with his/her own unconscious/subconscious mind. And therefore, release Team Transformation of all liabilities resulting from these actions.
  • Release and hold Team Transformation and its agents, representatives, trainers, and/or employees harmless from any responsibility occurring as a result of the use of any of the information and/or techniques learned in this training with self and/or others at any point and time.
  • Acknowledge that participant will receive the certificate(s) by email once paid in full for the training.

Recording Consent

  • Participant agrees to authorize Team Transformation and its trainer(s) to create recordings of his/her in the training and acknowledge and understand that Team Transformation is the owner of the recordings and will sign all documents and do all things necessary to assign any right, title or interest he/she may have in the recordings to ensure that the intellectual property rights of the recordings’ vests absolutely in Team Transformation.
  • Team Transformation and its trainer(s) hold the rights to publish recordings or images in the public domain, including edited or unedited recordings, in any format.
  • Team Transformation and its trainer(s) own and shall own all rights, titles, and interests (including copyright) in the recordings, including any modified version of the recordings.
  • The participants acknowledge that he/she has received due consideration for their participation in the creation of the recordings and the rights granted and releases given in this document.
  • No payments will be made to the participant for any profits or revenues, or any other value derived from the publication of the recordings, whether by way of compensation or otherwise.

Except as set out in the document titled ENROLLMENT FORM and NON-DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT, this:

  1. records the entire agreement between parties concerning the recordings; and
  2. supersedes all previous negotiations, understandings, or agreements.

Release & Remuneration

  • Release Team Transformation and its trainer(s) from any claims made by the participant or anyone on the participant’s behalf arising from the publication of the recordings by Team Transformation and its trainer(s), including any defamation claims.
  • Indemnify Team Transformation and its trainer(s) in respect of liability arising from any claim made by any person in connection with the exploitation of recordings of the participant created by Team Transformation and its trainer(s) in the course of his/her participation in the training, including any defamation claims.
  • This release is irrevocable and agree that under no circumstances will the participant be entitled to revoke any rights granted or to apply for an injunction against Team Transformation and its trainer(s) or any other third party concerning the completion, distribution, exhibition, broadcasting, advertising, or other means of exploitation of the recordings.
  • This release will apply in perpetuity throughout the world.

Governing Law & Jurisdiction

This document is governed by the laws of The United Arab Emirates and India. The parties submit to the jurisdiction of its courts.

This Agreement & Release applies to all the existing students and graduates of Team Transformation.


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