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Team Transformation Professional Coach

Become a Certified Team Transformation Professional Coach & advance your career as a Team Coach

ICF Accredited (UnderACSTH Pathway)

Course Summary

Course Duration6 Days
Course DeliveryOnline via Zoom
Course LanguageEnglish
Coach Faculties ICF & Team Transformation Certified Team Coaches
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Course Outcome

Team Transformation Professional Coach course is for aspiring coaches who want to gain team coaching skills and competencies. Our team coaching course is ideal for leaders and professionals who wish to lead teams and organizations towards sustainable results and develop skills to work with teams.

Participants from diverse disciplines such as corporate executives, team leaders, senior management, and HR leaders can learn to align teams, communicate effectively, build trust, break down silos to achieve better results, and enhance their work experience. The Team Transformation Professional Coach course is a complete, robust team coaching certification course providing experiential team coaching training for individuals and organizations.

Course Details

Our Team Transformation Professional Coach course gives a comprehensive understanding of team coaching models, tools, competencies, and practices. The Team Transformation Professional Coach course is a systematic, practical approach to team coaching. Aligned with the International Coaching Federation (ICF) Core Competencies and Code of Ethics, our team coaching certification course helps you explore your strengths as a team coach and your development areas.
Our Certified Team Transformation Professional Coach program is a 60 hours training workshop. We have dedicated 48 hours to face-to-face training and 12 hours to assignments and activities. All the sessions are live, giving face-to-face training, practical examples, and peer coaching opportunities. As the course advance, you intensify your understanding of what happens beneath the surface in teams.
Module 1
This module introduces you to the core concepts of Team Coaching. Upon completing this module, you will gain comprehensive knowledge of what is Team Coaching, its applications, and the effectiveness of Team Coaching in the modern-day scenario. You will build on your existing coaching competencies with a grounding in team coaching concepts.
Module 2
In this module, you get hands-on practice with the tools and methodology used in Team Coaching. Upon completing this program, you become better equipped to Lead, Follow, Work, and Collaborate effectively with teams. You will get ample opportunities to practice and deepen the team coaching skills acquired by working with complex and challenging team dynamics.
You practice team coaching with your peers in a safe environment. You will reflect on your learnings during the training as a part of the assignment. You will also develop your own team coaching intervention leading you to increased self-mastery and leadership skills. Out of 60 hours of training, 12 hours are dedicated to skill development via assignments and activities.
The successful completion of the Team Transformation Professional Coach course awards you the Team Transformation Professional Coach and 60 ICF coach training hours under the ACSTH pathway certificates. You can also enroll in our Certification module to be eligible for ICF Credentialing at ACC or PCC level.

About Us

Team Transformation is a globally-recognized coach training institution, building a universal network of certified coaches with a commitment to deliver the highest standard of coach training.

We help you achieve your professional goals through our extensive workshops and fully interactive online training programs. Our advanced Certified Team Transformation Coach programs not only help you master coaching skills in your niche but also gives you tools to create your own coaching style.

As part of the continuing professional development, we support our team coaches to sharpen their skills after completing the training. Our programs are synergistic, practical in nature, creating numerous sustainable results to help you develop as a professional Certified Team Transformation Master Coach.

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