Why Managers Need Coaching Skills?

Why Managers Need Coaching Skills?

The CEOs, CTOs, VPs, and others in the senior management might be the decision-makers, but it is the managers who drive the organization towards that strategic direction through team management. Managers in charge of employee teams keep them motivated by maintaining a synergy so that there are no obstacles in achieving the organizational goals. Considering the roles and responsibilities that the job entails, coaching skills for managers have become essential for the new generation of leaders.

Define Coaching

To understand the relevance of coaching skills for managers, let’s first get acquainted with the concept of coaching. According to SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management), coaching has a customized and personalized approach conducted on a one-to-one basis, over some time, with a definite objective.

In a corporate set-up, coaching is often used to assist and support the employees in preparing for a promotion or a change in the job role, performance enhancement, and the ability to overcome hurdles. Coaching should never be mixed with counseling, teaching, or instruction. It is like assisting an individual while they evolve from one level of competency to another.

What skills does one acquire during coach training?

These days, managers are expected to coach the subordinates and team members, creating a coaching approach to management. But that does not come naturally to everyone, so the next best option is to undergo coach training. The training programs are designed to intensify the coaching skills for managers, helping them hone the required skill set. Coach training for managers can help one:

  • Imbibe the art of collaborating, which works better than controlling
  • Learn to be a better listener to ask the right questions
  • Enhance communication and cognitive skills
  • Hold deeper, meaningful conversations

All the skills and competencies mentioned above can help the managers to take better charge of the team, drive them motivationally, resolve conflicts, and strike a balance for uncontrolled situations.

How these skills can help one as a manager?

Each action that one takes has an equal and opposite reaction. When an individual manages the team like a coach using the skills imbibed through the coach training program, the following happens:

  • Motivation, along with structured feedback, can empower the team, supporting the manager to form better decision-making and idea implementation team, not to mention more committed than ever.
  • Managers with coaching skills take a dual approach to managing and developing the team members, enhancing the collective performance.
  • Coaching promotes a collaborative environment, leading to improved work relationships, which means there will be lesser conflicts within the team.
  • A manager with coaching abilities makes constant queries to the team members, which stimulates their creativity, leading to the generation of better ideas for task execution.

Overall, all these actions positively impact the organization’s work culture, driving it to consistent growth and development.


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