Why & How to Become Executive Coach?

Why & How to Become Executive Coach?

One thing constant about the corporate world is its subjectiveness to radical changes. Especially for those in the executive roles, change is a part and parcel of their job. In the past few years as the pandemic shattered economies, several companies experienced a horrendous effect and dreadful aftermath. Traditional concepts of coaches and leaders had to be rethought and redefined. Teams become dysfunctional, and the remote work culture presented a wide array of disruptions for individuals in leadership roles.

Benefits of executive coaching

As per some popular surveys, 54% of organizations moved to executive coaching to streamline their enterprise framework. 13% of low-performing teams experienced an exponential jump in their productivity charts when leaders in the executive roles went through coaching training. In fact, executive coaching is working so well that approximately 1.5 billion dollars were spent on it in 2019. Though the benefits of executive coaching can vary from individual to individual, there are some benefits that most people experience through the executive coaching process. They include:

  • Enhanced active listening and rapport building
  • Mindful , improved leadership abilities
  • Adapting cognitive mindset
  • Better self-regulation and higher emotional control
  • Better social skills
  • Improved teamwork
  • Quality feedbacks

How can coaching help in adopting a new mindset?

The very fabric of corporate culture is dependent on eminent leaders. From project management to sales, executives in the leadership role are the foundation of productive and safe work culture. When the pressure is on at such an intense pace, making peace with the evolving industry changes can be difficult. That’s when a bit of outside help from coaching can help to structure the thoughts and provide support for the emerging industry fluctuations.

Steps to getting certified

If you are all set to shape your career growth with executive coaching, getting certified from an accredited institute is the key. Finding the perfect executive coaching course online is just the first step. There is more to the process than what you see on the surface. To get certified:

  • For one, you have to select an accredited institute (ICF, EMCC, AoC, etc.)
  • Understand different coaching credentials, their credibility, and their impact. And which will help you the most.
  • Complete the coaching and mentoring hours as required by the coaching pathway
  • Gather experience
  • Apply to the coaching body for credential (optional)

You can even start practicing using coaching skills while training. Gaining experience hours is not mandatory as not everyone prefers to get coaching credentials. However, getting an ICF or EMCC credential can help establish your legitimacy as a professional certified executive coach.

Hence, executive coaching courses online accredited by international coaching bodies like ICF, EMCC, CCE, or AoC, can be the key to becoming a certified professional executive coach.

The bottom line

The reforms in the role of executives across the globe are paradoxical. However, they also need to be open about not knowing. Coaching can be tremendously effective to cope with the evolving enterprise forefront and adapt to the hybrid work environment. It can support you through the ups and downs of organizational dynamics and build effective leadership throughout the organization.

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