Why do you need a team-building retreat? Where to start with a team-building retreat in UAE?

Why do you need a team-building retreat? Where to start with a team-building retreat in UAE?

Team building retreat is not a foreign concept in UAE. Many companies now want to give their employees something to look forward to except work. Sometimes, teams hit a rut, get under stress or show a linear dip in performance. Giving them a break from the ongoing hectic cubicle ecosystems not only helps them to heal but also can help them get out of the putrefied situations. Let’s talk about team-building retreats in UAE more.

Perks of opting for team building retreat

Studies have proved that positive experiences help to strengthen an employee’s relationship with their company. When employees encounter positive experiences they will work harder to ensure the company’s welfare. Corporate retreats or team-building retreats are a great way to step away from the seriousness of the workplace and foster positive experiences along with strengthening relationships. There are numerous benefits of a team-building retreat in the UAE. Some of these are listed as follows:

  • Team retreats can promote team cohesiveness and help employees learn about each other’s unique personalities.
  • They can reduce stress and lift everyone’s spirits if your company is going through a tough time.
  • When you see the quality of work dwindling in your organization, then team retreats can be used as an effective way to build morale.
  • Sending your team members for a retreat means that you care for them and you want to show your appreciation by rewarding them for all the hard work that they do.
  • Retreats can create opportunities for team members to solve misunderstandings and confront difficult topics that might be having an adverse action on the organization.
  • As employees act differently outside the professional setting of your work environment, you can identify their strengths and weaknesses better in a retreat.

Checklist on how to choose the retreat package for your team

There are numerous retreats to choose from based on your retreat budget and the time that you have in your hand. You can classify your goals based on:

  • Organizational Development
  • Team development
  • Approach to issues
  • Enhancing planning processes
  • High adventure risks to distress and learn crisis management
  • Team interventions

If you want to make your team-building retreat in UAE successful, then the key to do so is effective planning. To create an engaging retreat plan that aligns with your organization’s growth objectives, here is a consolidated checklist for you:

  • Decide the reason for your retreat and highlight the areas that you want to work on through a retreat
  • Establish a retreat budget
  • Decide on the activities
  • Consider the type of venue that is appropriate for the activities or the theme
  • Do some research about the availability and accommodation facilities of the venue
  • Schedule an ideal time with attendees
  • Send out invitations and RSVPs to your employees
  • Confirm reservation
  • Make the necessary travel arrangements
  • Create a sign-in sheet to keep a close watch on the headcount
  • Create a social media tag to let the team share their individual moments
  • Incur facilities to address medical needs that might appear on the retreat.

Team building

Team retreat from Team transformation

If you need some help with the planning and execution of your team-building retreat in UAE, then you can always reach out to Team Transformation. We synergize team coaching retreats by categorizing the process in three phases:

#1 Discovery that involves personal assessment, team assessment, and team leader assessment.

#2 Workshop that brings out substantial changes by strengthening the team core and recalibrating work styles.

#3 Instant results and transformational changes that take performance to a whole new level and help teams to overcome limiting beliefs by focussing on the fundamental business goals.

Team Transformation offers online team-building and coaching retreats for companies who want to support their hybrid teams in developing together as a team and achieve collective goals. Contact to know more about our team building retreat in UAE.


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