Why choose a dedicated Team Coaching Training?

Why choose a dedicated Team Coaching Training?

Did you know that in 2019 it was estimated that there were about 5,86,292 coaches worldwide? Egypt is no exception from these evident statistics. Numerous team leaders, enterprise architects, and individuals are opting for team coaching training in Egypt to boost their productivity up a notch. Team coaching has evident significance on the enterprise growth forefront. How? Let’s see!

As per statistical data, less than 10% of teams rate themselves as a high-performing team before starting the team coaching engagement. However, once they go through the team coaching training experience, they can challenge assumptions and make more constructive decisions. In other words, individuals can go from “forming”, and “storming”, to “norming” and “performing” cycles once they opt for team coaching.

But what is it that distinguished team coaching training in Egypt from the rest of the professional courses?

What makes team coaching different?

The conventional pathways of coaching focus on individual development. Whereas, when it comes to team coaching training, aspiring team coaches can learn how to equip teams so they can achieve their team objectives. Team coaching training is fundamentally based on how teams can be better connected as a whole through coaching principles and how individuals in leadership roles can manage teams more effectively. Through team coaching training, coaches can understand what is needed in a team to differentiate it from a closely functioning group.

Why learn team coaching from a Certified Team Coach?

Historically, enterprises have focused on increasing the productivity of their organization through individual employees. 10 to 15 years back, the focus was predominantly on individual coaching. But the tables have turned now as companies now are working with independent, collaborative teams. For organizations, the benefits of team coaching are manifold.

When you learn team coaching from a certified team coach, you will get the opportunity to:

  • Be an asset for organizations that want a collaborative team effort
  • Be a part of the global pool of coaches who are well-known for their expertise in team coaching
  • Break down silos between different parts of an organization and increase teams’ functionality.
  • Help teams evolve faster than they could have done on their own
  • Aid teams in adjusting with the dynamic enterprise forefront
  • Make a career for yourself in a high-octane career profile
  • Understand the ICF code of ethics and competencies
  • Learn how to handle your clientele
  • Learn from a seasoned professional who understands the coaching vertical better than anyone else


There isn’t a standard formula that fits all in team coaching training. As a general sequence of events, every coaching process is different because they are based on the skills and needs of individuals opting for coaching. At Team Transformation, we enable teams and aspiring coaches to tap into the newfound horizon of growth.

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