Why are team retreats important?

Why are team retreats important?

All work with the constant pressure of meeting the deadline and no recreation and relaxation at all can hamper the performance of your team. It not only makes for an unhealthy and stressful work environment but also diminishes productivity, disrupting the development of the organization. That’s where the importance and relevance of team retreat come into the picture. In recent years, the corporate sector has made investments and initiated professionally supervised recreational team-building activities in the name of team retreat in the UAE. In this blog, we will discuss the extent of such programs in motivating and amplifying the performance and productivity of professionals.

Purpose of team retreats

A retreat is a gathering of employees in a casual set-up, mostly in a picturesque location to create that relaxing vibe. There is food, refreshments, and fun activities for the team to bond and enjoy their day out. Amidst the pandemic, since outdoor activities were not possible, some corporate houses arranged regular online team retreat games and activities so that the employees can relax and rejuvenate.

The purpose of team retreat can be explained in the following points:

  • Give the team some time off to bond with fellow employees outside of a professional environment.
  • To help the employees relax and relieve the work-related tension.
  • Allows the senior management to know the subordinates better.
  • Creates a good impression about the company in front of the employees and they feel more committed to work towards its gains.
  • Helps different teams to connect and with each other.
  • Allows the employees to take a break from regular work in the cubicle.

Different team retreat activities

The highlight of a team retreat is the activities planned by the professionals to make it an enjoyable and great team-building experience for everyone. Some examples are:

  • Scavenger hunts (each team has to follow a set of instructions and solve riddles to get to the treasure).
  • Human Knot (form a link chain using hands and untangle without breaking the chain)
  • Blind Retriever (two in a time; one has a blindfold while the other gives instructions to the other for executing a series of tasks).
  • Trivia (can be about each other or the office in general, make it into a fun quiz).

Online team retreat games can be:

  • Share a story of their life through a picture.
  • Virtual games.
  • Word games.
  • Office trivia.
  • Watch a movie together over VC.

Benefits of Team Retreat activities

By organizing a team retreat in UAE the organization can yield benefits both for the employees and the management, such as:

  • Motivates and inspires the employees.
  • Increases productivity.
  • Improves performance.
  • Fosters a collaborative environment.
  • Nurtures creativity.
  • Enhances good communication.
  • Creates a positive work environment and culture.
  • Dissolves team animosity.

Team retreat in UAE by Team Transformation

Team retreats are best organized by professionals, who design the itinerary and games in focusing on team building. If you are looking for a reputed organization for a team retreat in UAE, then check out the services offered by Team Transformation.
The Team Transformation is a global coach training institute that also offers corporate team building and team retreat programs for enterprises. They have a step by step process which comprises of:
1. The Discovery Phase – Personal assessment, team assessment, and team leader assessment.
2. The Workshop Phase – Allows the employees to get to know each other beyond their work profiles.
3. Team Transformation Phase – Generates positive outcomes of the team building activities, making the team stronger than ever.

If you are planning a team retreat in UAE (offline or virtual), consult our experts for favorable outcomes and an enjoyable break from work.