Where to get professional coach training?

Where to get professional coach training?

If you’re looking for professional coach training, you already might have some idea about coaching. Globally, it is estimated that there were approximately 71,000 coach practitioners in 2019, an increase of 33% on the 2015 estimate. Generation X accounts for the majority (61%) of managers/leaders using coaching skills from a generational perspective. The remainder is equally split between Millennials and Baby Boomers. As the number suggests, professional coach training is now becoming a part of professional and personal development. And many companies are now investing in training programs to upskill their employees, professionally and personally.

Professional coach training aims to support individuals in reaching their full potential and unlock creativity and productivity sources. For many, coaching stands to be a life-changing experience that dramatically evolves into a game-changer on both the personal and professional forefront.

What can individuals learn as a coach?

As a coach, you learn that every individual has the answers to their own problems within them. Therefore, when someone decides to go for professional coach training, they learn how to ask the right questions to evolve their personality. Coach training can teach several life-long lessons. Some of these include:

  • A discrete perspective for every situation is the key to success.
  • The past is for teaching about future self and not about being guilty.
  • It is impossible to read minds, but it is easy to communicate.
  • Pleasing everyone does no good. Doing the right thing does.
  • No one is perfect; hence you don’t need to be. All you need to be is real.
  • Not all feedback is criticism or appreciation. Constructive feedback is a thing.
  • Small things matter most, and change is inevitable. Therefore, people must learn how to embrace change.
  • Self-development is the best development.

Where to get professional coach training to get maximum benefits?

Before starting, please keep in mind that ICF does not offer any professional coach training to become a coach. ICF only accredits coach-training programs that meet its high standards. The ICF Training Program Search Service (TPSS) will help you find ICF-accredited programs based on your preferences, including location, specialization, training delivery method, language, and program type.

These steps will help you find a coach training course/program using the ICF Training Program Search Service (TPSS):

  • Visit the Training Program Search Service or TPSS. It is a free search directory of coach training programs accredited by ICF.
  • Then you need to enter the search terms including the program type, training delivery method, training language, coaching specialty, etc., and click on Search.
  • A number of programs and courses will appear. Surf through them and do a comparative analysis
  • Click on the course that matches your list of requirements and get enrolled.


Team Transformation is one of the best professional coach training providers with specialization in Leadership Coaching, Executive Coaching, and Team Coaching. We are an ICF-accredited provider of coach training programs, and the programs are tailored according to the clients’ specific needs. The online and extensive classroom training programs are aligned with the ICF standards. Upon completing the professional coach training with Team Transformation, you become eligible to apply for ICF Credentials. Contact us now to know more about our professional coach training courses.


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