What you need to coach your people: Making Lasting Change with Team Coaching

What you need to coach your people: Making Lasting Change with Team Coaching

Team Coaching is not new for the top leaders in Asia, especially countries like Singapore. The last ICF Summary showed that 3,400 managers/leaders are using coaching skills in their workplace. In fact, leaders in Asia top this chart compared to other regions. Today, team coaching is no more limited to senior executives. If you’re a leader who want to coach their teams, this blog is for you. We’ll be discussing more on coaching and getting started with a team coach training in Singapore.

Let’s be honest – Can you coach your own team?

Coaching without proper training can do more harm than good. And team coaching is more complex than other coaching niches as it is not about coaching only individuals. It is also about increasing the capacity of a team collectively. Many managers and leaders coach their own team members without formal training. They can be good. However, with the right training and support, leaders can best develop their capacities and under the complexities of team dynamics on a more deeper level.

A coaching-driven environment can create greater agility and resilience. When leaders learn to coach teams, they understand how to react to uncertainty without paralysis, which is a major asset in today’s dynamic enterprise ecosystem. Singapore being a hub of multicultural organizations, leadership takes a different approach in this country. With more people coming in from different cultures in Singapore, leaders need to adopt a coaching culture.

When you understand the in-depth concept of coaching, you don’t ascertain a better leadership position. You ascertain a constructive and optimistic perspective that helps you in the long run.

What happens when you learn to coach? 

Along with coaching teams, you support them to work towards:

  • As the organization steer toward new changes, it’s the leader’s responsibility to help people accept the newer challenges. When leaders learn to coach their teams, they also develop a sense of self-accountability, taking it forward to their team members as well.
  • Enhanced emotional intelligence is another major benefit of learning team coaching. As a team coach, you understand your team members’ roadblocks and support them to advance in their professional roles.
  • Team coaching also opens up a forward-thinking approach for leaders. And this approach can then be carried down to other peers and members through leaders who are also coaches.

You check in with your team regularly. You understand below the surface – what really happens behind the veil of workplace duties. You realize that leadership is not a one-size-fits-all process, and you need to tailor your focus to the individual you are interacting with.

Getting started

To become a better leader, you have to gain skills that help you professionally and personally. And with Team Transformation’s team coaching training in Singaporeyou can enhance your leadership skills as well as learn to coach teams effectively. The well-known coaching institute offers:

  • World-class ICF-accredited team coach training
  • Tools to coach teams with confidence and clarity
  • Certifications acknowledging your professional competencies
  • Post-training learning and development opportunities


The top desired skill for front-line executives or leaders is coaching. Team Coaching is one of the most critical skills that any leader can master to ensure career growth. Ranging from executives in leadership positions to the employees on the base level, coaching benefits organizations in a myriad of ways

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