What makes a Team High Performing?

What makes a Team High Performing?

As per the existing work culture in the business domain, corporate success revolves around the performance of the organizational teams. A team usually comprises a team leader or manager, heading a group of diverse individuals with varied potential and expertise levels. How well a team performs translates directly into the overall performance of the organization. So what are high-performing teams? How are they different from the usual teams? Let’s find out.

Team to High Performing Team – The Transition

The journey starts from a workgroup becoming a potential team, then a real team, and ultimately transitions into high performing unit or team. According to Katzenbach and Smith, a workgroup can transition into high-performing teams, provided they make the decision willingly.

Additionally, each member would have to dedicate time and energy to make that happen. They should be willing to take up the challenge of seeing their performance falter during the transition phase.

In their study, they have defined high performing team as individuals who as a group is highly committed to accelerate the growth of each other and the team.

Features that Define High Performing Teams

High performing teams are defined by multiple unique characteristics, such as:

  • Ability to surpass all rational expectations (both of the group and the members individually);
  • Individual commitment to put in extra effort;
  • Be highly enthusiastic and energetic;
  • Work is always fun and filled with humor, something not visible in all teams.
  • Create exemplary instances of overcoming odds and accomplishing the impossible as a team.

When understanding the composition of high-performing teams, what’s usually expected from the team leader in a real team is usually fulfilled by each member in the former. The team both as a unit and as individual members must:

  • Realize themselves to the agents of change.
  • Believe in yourself, each other, and the team.
  • Have the courage to confront challenges.
  • Be motivated to keep learning and upgrading their knowledge.
  • Have a strong sense of value that drives their passion for performance.
  • Possess the ability to handle uncertainty, ambiguity, and complexity.
  • Be the ultimate visionaries.

Given the evolving market, where trends keep changing almost every day, a high-performing team is a necessity for every corporate entity. In recent times, many organizations have come to acknowledge that and work towards developing such units.

Concluding Note

High-performing teams can be the key to an organization’s success in this highly competitive market. If you think that your team lacks productivity, maybe it’s time to get some external help and motivation. We are talking about team coaching by trained and qualified professionals with adequate experience.

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