What is Team Building Training? How Useful it is?

What is Team Building Training? How Useful it is?

Marketing team A received a memo as they reached the office. Each member of the team was asked to bring a random object from their work desk. A timer was set. Each member was asked to treat the object as a product they would create a marketing plan for and pitch in front of the team. Once done, they sat together and reviewed each other presentations, applauding the successes and addressing the shortcomings with a positive approach. This is a common team-building training activity that works wonderfully on teams falling short of their performance.

There are loads of such interactive and engaging exercises known to improve teamwork and productivity in corporate organizations. Focussing on the same, we will delve into the varied facets of team building and its multiple benefits for the organization and the teams.

Getting Started with Team Building

Team building activities have immense potential to resolve the issues within a team and improve the collective performance, provided it is planned strategically. Hence, it is always recommended that such activities be conducted by a certified individual with team-building training experience. With that predicament out of the way, now let’s understand about team-building exercises.

Each attempt to improve team performance starts by identifying the strengths and shortcomings of the members individually and collectively.

  • Is the team demotivated?
  • Is there any form of favoritism in the team?
  • Is there any reason for friction among certain team members?
  • Are the team members oblivious of the others in the unit?
  • Is there a communication gap?
  • Is there some kind of bullying happening in the team?
  • Do certain members focus more on individual performance?

These are some of the primary questions that one must seek before devising and conducting a team-building training session.

Benefits of Team Building Training

Team building exercises and group activities are immensely beneficial for the growth and development of a team. It ultimately makes the personnel infrastructure of an organization robust, driving its growth and accomplishments. Team-building training can:

  • Promote and foster good communication among individuals within a team or multiple teams within an organization.
  • Encourage staff to engage and communicate more with each other and the management to create a holistic working environment.
  • Enhance a collaborative attitude that leads to increased productivity since working together, a unit can achieve more than individual efforts.
  • Uplift the morale of the employees and motivate them to maximize their potential to accomplish common goals.
  • It increases the employees’ confidence as they learn to realize their shortcomings and fix them with a positive outlook.

It ultimately blesses an organization with an enthusiastic and high-performing staff that is always up to take on challenges, innovate, and create new growth opportunities.

Team-building training with Team Transformation

Team Transformation is one of the few global institutes that offer coach training courses and team-building training blended with coaching sessions that are customizable and experiential. Our experienced coaches provide team-building training to organizations seeking holistic transformation in their team structure and bonding. Accredited by the ICF (International Coaching Federation), Team Transformation can help your teams and leaders gain skills that help them professionally and personally.