What is Systemic Team Coaching?

What is Systemic Team Coaching?

The post of VP marketing had been one of the most ambitious recruitments for ABC Company. With a decorated career graph of working with major organizations, a Harvard MBA was brought in to pull up the company from its recent slump. However, it has been three quarters already, and the numbers are still not looking up. They have their ‘hero’ leader to spearhead the strategic direction with a team of able employees to follow the lead. So, where is it going wrong?

What is happening in ABC is a dilemma that many big and small companies face, without realizing that the problem runs deeper, something that can hardly be solved by a ‘hero’ leader. Gone are the days of the leader when he/she solved every issue. Today what an organization needs to thrive in this highly competitive market are high-performance teams to generate growth, success, and development.

A great leader can hardly impact if he/she has no cohesion with the team and other employees. It is a unified effort that helps organizations achieve their goals and not the ability or efforts of a single person. That’s exactly where systemic team coaching’s relevance comes in place, where a certified professional is brought in to create symbiotic team architecture.

What is meant by Systemic Team Coaching?

The goal is to create and nurture high-performance teams. Systemic team coaching is used by certified team coaches to help unify the teams within an organization. The team coach collaborates with the entire team, individually and in groups, to enhance their combined performance and teamwork. Sessions are directed towards the collaborative development of leadership for more efficient engagement with the stakeholders, ensuring a holistic transformation within the organization, broadening business scope, and co-creating value-added solutions.

What is the Process of Systemic Team Coaching?

According to the International Coach Federation, high-performance teams make 20% more money for their respective organizations. This signifies the importance of result-oriented teamwork within an organization. No wonder that 70% of the leading global organizations are displaying an interest in investing in systemic team coaching in the coming years.

The process of systemic team coaching has a more targeted approach than a usual team coaching exercise. The process of systemic team coaching has a more targeted approach than a usual team coaching exercise. The team should have the perfect balance of:

  • Coordination
  • Consolidation
  • Reflection
  • Continued Learning
  • Integration

With the combination of the above, success and growth will come in naturally.

A brief overview of the process and its different stages are given below.

The first stage of systemic coaching has three steps:

Contract – It determines the initial clarification on the desired outcomes through systemic team coaching and different ways of implementing the same to yield results.

Inquiry – It is a technique that leads to an analysis of the present reality, followed by discovering the glitch or gap that is hampering the team cohesion.

Discovery/Diagnosis – Patterns creating the lag are determined along with the planning of the focus areas, followed by the creation of a road map for team coaching.

The next stage has five distinct steps,  

Contract – A collaborative journey of self-assessment, learning, and improvement is initiated with the entire team focusing on working and the outcomes.

Listen – Involves listening to the members individually and in groups to understand the issues, the team dynamics, and context.

Explore – Exploration of the noticeable patterns of distress, and using the same to figure out the desired solution and experiment with the options to see which one fits the best.

Action – A path is chosen to move forward towards better team building and high performance, followed by rehearsing the primary steps.

Review – Continuous review of the actions taken and generate feedback.


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