What is MCC Coaching? How to become ICF Master Certified Coach?

What is MCC Coaching? How to become ICF Master Certified Coach?

A Master Certified Coach (MCC) is the highest level of certification that one can achieve as a coaching professional. It follows after your foundational and advanced levels (ACC and PCC, respectively), covering accreditation along with the required coaching experience hours. Getting an ICF MCC credentialing congeals your reputation as an expert in coaching, gaining you a highly revered status in the coaching community. The importance automatically boosts your clientele. In this blog, we have discussed master coaching and credentialing for those who want to be a master certified coach.

Master Certified Coach- A Coaching Certification and ICF Credential

A master coach is what every coaching professional should aspire to become in the long run. ICF (International Coaching Federation) is the largest global organization with an active presence across 200 countries. It aims at setting precedence in ethical standards, surrounding the coaching profession, and offer independent credentials while nurturing a worldwide network of coaches. To date, only 6% of 10,000 credentialed coaches hold ICF MCC credentialing

Requisites for ICF MCC Credentialing

According to ICF, a coach can apply for MCC credentialing after fulfilling the following eligibility criteria:

  • Coach-specific training for a minimum of 200 hours.
  • Mentor coaching for 10 hours (minimum) over a time-span of 3 months at least.
  • The mentor coach should be a master certified coach.
  • Coaching experience with a minimum of 35 clients for at least 2500 hours, out of which 2200 hours should be paid session.
  • The hours will be counted since the beginning of the coach-specific training.
  • Two audio recordings of coaching sessions along with written transcripts for performance evaluation.
  • Coach Knowledge Assessment (CKA)

It takes about 18 weeks for the ICF panel to review and provide a credential for master coaching.

How Team Transformation Can Help with Master Coaching and Credentialing

Now that you know what you need for an MCC credential, let’s get into ‘where’ you can acquire the eligibility. Team Transformation Institute is a global training institute for aspiring coaching professionals while offering team-building programs to organizations. They will provide you with training and certification to practice coaching and eventually apply for credentialing under ICF. Given below are the three stages to becoming an ICF Master Coach.

# Coach-specific Training

Your road to becoming an MCC starts with coach-specific training. During this stage, you learn and imbibe all the core coaching competencies required to become a Master Certified Coach. Team Transformation provides different ICF-accredited coach training courses for professionals, leaders, managers, and executives.

# Completing the Mentor Coaching

Mentor Coaching is another requirement for your application towards the ICF-Master Certified Coach credential. You must complete at least 10 hours of mentor coaching covered over a minimum of three months. Mentor coaching is a process where you are coached on your coaching skills in preparation for the ICF certification as a certified coach. Team Transformation provides 10 hours of Mentor Coaching from an ICF-Master Certified Coach.

# Coaching Experience

In ICF, coaching experience hours are something you can accumulate during and after completing your coach-specific training. Based on the number of coaching experience hours you collect; you can apply to ICF for credentialing. To apply for an ICF-MCC Credential, you need at least 2,500 hours of coaching experience. These coaching experience hours are the time you spend with your clients as coaching sessions.

# Apply for Coaching Credential at ICF

The final stage is getting ICF MCC credentialing. After you submit your application to the ICF, you will receive an invitation to complete the CKA test. If you complete the CKA test, your application will be forwarded further for review. This can take anywhere from 4 weeks to 18 weeks.


Team Transformation Master Coach Training Program sets a strong foundation for you to achieve all mentioned above. While it has a diverse set of niche programs, getting certified makes you a member of their global network of coaches that helps both in your practice. Their programs are designed to prepare a coach for ICF credentialing from the very first day. Nevertheless, every aspirant should remember that becoming a master coach is more about becoming an expert in the field than getting an ICF credential. The latter just solidifies your position and attests to your expertise.

Being a certified and credentialed Master Coach is a stepping stone for any coaching professional. If you have any queries on our master coach course, please reach out to us for further information.