What is Leadership Coaching?

What is Leadership Coaching?

Leadership coaching is gaining momentum these days in corporate circles, owing to the constant evolution of the business world and the global economy. Take the present COVID-19 situation, for instance. The months of lockdown across geographies had taken a toll on different industries, plunging the world into economic chaos. The corporate leaders are struggling to drive respective organizations towards growth and development while adjusting to the new normal. It can take a toll on the mind, hampering performance, ultimately halting organizational growth. It is in a situation like these that online leadership coaching can help. We are stressing the virtual approach, given the pandemic.

Even before the pandemic, the corporate world had already realized the potential and importance of leadership coaching. The global data and related stats prove it all. According to the International Coaching Federation –

  • There has been a +46% increase in the number of corporate leaders leveraging coaching skills.
  • The Caribbean and Latin America have shown the largest growth, closely followed by Asia.
  • Around 68% of the managers using coaching skills are female, hailing mostly from Africa and the Middle-East.
  • 45% of the managers and leaders using coaching skills are certified or credentialed.
  • There has been a leap from 25% in 2015 to 30% in 2019, in the number of coaches getting leadership coaching certification online/offline.

The facts speak volumes about its importance, but before we delve deeper into the online leadership coaching process, let’s get a clear idea about the coaching.

Define coaching

There are various ways that one can define coaching. It can be described as the process of unlocking one’s potential to improve performance. Coaching is otherwise defined as an organized activity directed towards an individual or a group of individuals through a motivational approach of asking thought-provoking questions to invoke self-awareness and self-realization and find solutions to own problems.

Define leadership coaching

Leadership coaching is specifically designed for business leaders. It is considered a powerful management tool for people in a leadership position in the corporate world to realize and leverage the skills within to maximize performance. The idea is to enhance the inherent leadership qualities and skills that would enable the leaders to coach their team towards better while achieving precise organizational goals.

Benefits of Leadership Coaching

Most of the corporate establishments these days depend on the leadership and employee development programs, online leadership coaching being an important part of the same. It comes with a host of benefits for the organization as well as for the people working for it. Some of the benefits of leadership coaching are:

  • It helps in the empowerment of the leaders to improve their performance. He/she gets to realize the strengths and weaknesses through motivational sessions. By doing so, they gain the perspective to track the improvements and channel them to achieve goals.
  • Coaching helps the one in the leadership position in charge of decision making and driving the organization towards progress to gather new insight through self-realization and stay open to advancements.
  • Leadership coaching is known to broaden the thought-process and mindset of business leaders and entrepreneurs.
  • Coaching sessions conducted with leaders tend to become a stimulant that maximizes the potential and abilities, bringing significant performance improvement.

Besides these, leadership coaching also helps one to imbibe good communication skills, enabling them to guide the subordinates well and work together as a unit.

Getting Online Leadership Coaching Certification

Acquiring a leadership coaching certification is quite different from the other forms of specialized coach training. The steps involved in getting an online leadership coaching certification are as follows:

  • Step 1: Find an ICF accredited coaching training program with a leadership coaching specialization
  • Step 2: Complete the different modules of the online coach-specific training program
  • Step 3: Undergo 10 hours of mandatory mentoring sessions
  • Step 4: Complete final knowledge assessment
  • Step 5: Get your online leadership coaching certification

Many professionals undertake a leadership coach training course for both self-improvements and organizational management. All reputed coach training institutes now promote online leadership coaching certification. With the world battling a pandemic, online courses are the preferred mode these days.

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