What is ICF Team Coaching?

What is ICF Team Coaching?

For people in the coaching industry, the International Coaching Federation (ICF) is no new name. It is a leading global organization dedicated to setting high standards for the coaching profession. While providing independent certification for aspiring coaches, ICF also hosts a worldwide network of trained coaching professionals.

Recently ICF announced its team coaching competencies, extending its professional standards beyond the limitations of conventional one-to-one coaching.

ICF coaching competencies

The new coaching competencies deployed by ICF aims at supporting coach practitioners in understanding the skills, ethics, and methodologies necessary for working with teams. The revised framework launched by the ICF global board outlines eight competencies and 29 sub-competencies. The fundamental ICF team coaching competencies are listed as follows:

  • Demonstrates ethical practice
  • Embodies a coaching mindset
  • Establishes  and maintains agreements
  • Cultivates trust and safety
  • Maintains presence
  • Listens actively
  • Facilitates  client growth, and
  • Evokes  awareness

According to the global accreditation body, team coaching is about partnering in a reflective and co-creative process with a team and its dynamics in order to inspire them and maximize their abilities to reach their common purposes and goals.

The International Coaching Federation (ICF) has also established that as team coaching is multi-faceted, team coaches must have a significantly broader knowledge base to       resolve conflict, recognize power dynamics and encourage participation.

You can read more about ICF team coaching competencies in detail in this blog.

ICF-accredited team coaching program from Team Transformation

Team Transformation specializes in providing top-notch ICF team coaching training at three different levels      :

  • The Foundational Coaching Skills Course
  • Professional C oach training course
  • Master Coach training course

Team Transformation offers ICF team coaching training programs for individuals who want to learn and apply the team coaching dynamics in day-to-day work scenarios. While aligning with the core competencies of ICF, our extensive, systematic, and result-oriented curriculum is for leaders, consultants, and experienced coaches who want to inspire and enable teams towards sustainable shifts. With our team coaching programs, you can:

  • Become able to coach larger teams and organizations effectively
  • Build synchronized  action plans for teams
  • Learn to prioritize meaningful objectives
  • Adapt with the ongoing industry fluctuations
  • Learn to use  team coaching tools effectively
  • Discover an inventory of pragmatic principles, tools, and methodologies for effective team coaching
  • Clear out the creative blocks and think beyond limiting beliefs
  • Understand the core ICF team coaching competencies
  • Work in adherence with the ICF code of conduct
  • Become a certified team coach for adding value to your career


ICF Team coaching is the gold standard in the professional coaching spectrum. A new competency model will not just provide an agile framework and effective direction; it will also lay the groundwork for professional team coaching for aspiring coaches, trainers, educators, and individuals who are intertwined into the very fabric of team coaching.

Need further information regarding ICF Team Coaching courses? Get in touch with the professionals at Team Transformation now and discover the perks of team coaching.


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