What is executive coaching? How to get Executive Coach Certification?

What is executive coaching? How to get Executive Coach Certification?

Currently, the corporate panorama is a manifestation of constant dynamism. One thing that is constant at the enterprise forefront of UAE is change. The quest for continual learning and development isn’t finite and refining one’s skills to cope up with the high-octane atmosphere is no easy feat. To help every organization reach its apex of excellence and increase efficiency during challenging times, the individuals in the executive position need to develop their skill set relentlessly. To upgrade the skills of executives, more and more companies are opting for executive coaching certification in UAE.

What is Executive Coaching?

Fundamentally, executive coaching is a custom-tailored intervention that involves a series of one-on-one interactions between an executive and an external coach. Coaching sessions equip CEOs, managers, or executives with the coaching knowledge and skills.

The ultimate goal of executive coaching is behavior change and adaptation to entrepreneurial dynamism, a mandate for better performance in the corporate ecosystem. With coaching on the rise in UAE, executives can go for professional coaching training. The executive coaching certification in UAE can be beneficial both personally and professionally.

Who can benefit?

Over the past three decades, executive coaches have gone from rare to common. And there are justified reasons for the same. Companies want a skyrocketing graph of growth, and executive coaches have become the most effective way to streamline an enterprise workflow without any hiccups. Executives, CEOs, managers, and aspiring leaders can benefit from the executive coaching certification UAE by several orders of magnitude.

  • Navigating change in senior positions can become easier.
  • Clarity on people’s strategies for organizations.
  • Introduction of the constructive feedback system.
  • Working on micro and macro goals while setting achievable objectives.
  • Creating a positive and inspiring work culture.
  • Executives can get greater insights to lead to better decisions.

How to get started?

1. Select an accredited institute and an accreditation pathway

For one, you can select an accredited institute that offers structured training pathways. International Coaching Federation (ICF) and European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) are well-known names for the coaching industry. Getting trained from a coaching training provider approved by ICF or EMCC can help you fulfill requirements for these international credentials.

2. Complete the specified hours of coach training and mentoring

Depending on the coaching course you choose, the number of coach training hours can vary. If you’re aiming for international credentials like ACC, PCC, MCC, or EIA, you can start with a minimum of 60 hours of training and then move forward. Mentor coaching is optional if you do not wish to gain credentials.

3. Apply for certification by completing the exam

Many coach training providers take assessments before issuing certificates. This will entirely depend on your trainer or course provider. However, you have to apply to the coaching bodies to gain more certifications. For which, you need to fulfill certain requirements. ICF and EMCC have their own individual requirements to award certificates. Our Program Expert can help you to understand more about these certifications.


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