What is CCE in coaching?

What is CCE in coaching?

There is no end of tenure for knowledge and the learning process. Even as a certified professional coach, getting a certificate, starting a practice, and getting credentialed is hardly the end game. You need to constantly develop your skills and competency level, to imbibe high standards in your coaching practice for delivering the best to your clients. Here the role of CCE comes into play, which in simple terms is how you renew your ICF credential.

An Overview on CCE

CCE or Continued Coach Education by ICF (International Coaching Federation) is more of a pathway than a coaching program. It helps a professional coach to renew the ICF credential. The ICF mandates a coach to renew the credentials every three years. For that, they need to undertake advanced and supplemental coaching education for 40 hours under an ICF CCE accredited institute.

The coach earns CCE units after completion of the supplemental education, based on the following areas:

  • ICF core coaching competencies.
  • Resource development or skills that contribute to the professional development of a coach.

Further Elaboration on the CCE Units

As a certified professional coachthe renewal of your ICF credential depends on how many CCE units you can earn.

  • Under the ICF core competency category, the coaching professional have to acquire 24 CCE unit hours. For that, the organization from where you are getting the supplemental training should provide ICF authorized material that complies with ICF. Post-completion, they should also offer you the CCEU core competency certification, verifying the earning of your units/credits.
  • A minimum of 10 hours of mentor coaching is mandatory for the professional coach, accounting for 10 CCE unit hours. The mentor coach supervising you should be a credentialed professional.

So, now let’s tally the CCE units. For the CCE certification, you need 40 CCE units.

  • You are earning 10 CCE units from the mentoring session.
  • 14 of the CCE units must be from the core competency category.
  • The remaining 16 CCE units should be under ICF resource development.

Many professional certified coaches focus on core competency for all 30 CCE units. Some don’t realize that undertaking the resource development training and units would give them better exposure and edge within the coaching profession.

To apply for CCE hours, one has to:

  • Submit the details of accumulated training hours.
  • Furnish the certificates obtained through the mentoring hours.
  • Submit details of coaching experience along with two audio recordings of the session for final evaluation. 


The institute from where you get initially trained as a coach and then undergo CCE training for credential renewal plays an essential role in your career as a certified professional coach. You require nothing but the best for that. Team Transformation offers Team Coaching Certification courses that can act as an advanced learning path for you. Contact us today to learn more.