What is a Master Coach?

What is a Master Coach?

When embarking on a professional excellence path, one aims to reach the highest level that the career offers. For an aspiring coaching professional, Master Coach accreditation is the benchmark for an ICF coach. This blog will explain all the necessary details concerning master coach training, including the requirements of credentialing and an overview of a standard master coaching certification program.

Defining a Master Coach

Being a master coach is the highest level that one can achieve as an ICF coach practitioner. It requires one to earn an ICF Master Certified Coaching credential. Only coaches with enough experience and coach training can become a Master Certified Coach.

Requirements for Becoming an ICF Master Coach

To attain the master level accreditation as an ICF coach practitioner, you must start with the International Coach Federation (ICF) certified coach training. It is for coaching professionals who currently hold a PCC (Professional Certified Coach) credential and want to advance to the next level. ICF requires the following eligibility criteria to be fulfilled by professional coaches to become a Master Certified Coach (MCC). The coach has to complete.

  • 200 hours of coach-specific training under any accredited professional program.
  • A minimum of 10 hours of mentor coaching under an MCC level coach for at least 3 months. Another noteworthy point while going through your master coach training is that the Mentor Coaching you complete during this training should not be the same that was applied toward a previous ICF Credential application.
  • A minimum of 2500 hours of coaching experience covering 35 clients at least, with 2200 paid hours. The count of the hour starts as soon as one starts his/her coach training.
  • Submitting two audio recordings along with transcripts of the coaching sessions for performance evaluation.
  • The Coach Knowledge Assessment or CKA (not required if already passed while getting an ACC or PCC credential).

You must currently hold a PCC credential holder to attain the master coaching level.  

Standard Program Structure of Master Coach Training 

The first step towards becoming a master coach is undergoing a Master Coach Certification training program for the ICF MCC level credential. It is a program that you enroll in after completing multiple primary and intermediate levels of coaching training. However, one can directly pursue master coach training.

Team Transformation provides experiential, engaging, and interactive training workshops that:

  • Helps you to master coaching skills in accordance with the ICF Core Competencies and Code of Ethics.
  • Get ample opportunities to experience real-time interactions between instructors and you.
  • Acquire master coach training that is organized in a way that encourages your growth as a coach.
  • Additional resources like handouts, templates, and books to facilitate learning.
  • Tips and techniques to help you deeply integrate the coaching competencies into every coaching conversation.
  • Insider tips, tools, and techniques from ICF Master Coach.
  • Live coaching sessions (one-to-one and peer engagement).

Where to begin…

Team Transformation is a globally recognized coach training institute that offers ICF accredited coaching programs for aspiring coaches. We believe in imparting the best, feasible coach training for all who wish to be certified coach practitioners.

Our coach training programs are designed specifically for corporate professionals and seasoned coaches who want to integrate coaching into their current professional roles and accelerate self-development.

Do you want to start your master coach training? Or want to accumulate coaching experience hours towards the master coaching credential? Contact Team Transformation to know more about how you can advance as a coach practitioner. Let’s discuss how we together can help you achieve your goals and master coaching.