Top 5 leadership skills you need to learn NOW

Top 5 leadership skills you need to learn NOW

People in leadership positions – a team leader, manager, senior executive, or CEO, confront challenges and resolve them regularly on the job. They have to be aware of the organization’s internal dynamics and market shift. Being a leader, they consistently put their A-game forward, thriving in their position and spearheading the organization towards growth, thanks to their solid leadership skills. Not all individuals are born leaders, yet they can be forged by undergoing leadership skills training.

Here are a few essential qualities that can be imbibed through leadership skills training programs.

1. Building Rapport

Leaders are expected to develop a good rapport with their immediate team of subordinates and clients. They are tasked with the creation of cohesive teams that work harmoniously to yield maximum results. Rapport is the foundation of positive work relationships, and good communication is the key to that. As per a survey, nurturing healthy work relationships through communication is known to increase employee engagement, which:

  • Increases productivity by 21% and more
  • Minimizes work errors by 41%
  • Increases employee attendance by 37%

Here are a few ways to build rapport through communication:

  • Find common ground, be more accessible to the team.
  • Share experiences and motivate the subordinates.
  • Appreciate the team members for their efforts. 

2. Flexibility and Learning Agility

Being flexible and active learners helps to stay updated and upgraded in the long run. With an evolving market like the present, the leader should be able to realize the need to imbibe new skills and qualities and respond to the same through agile learning and self-development. It involves learning from one’s mistake, make queries, and receive feedback positively.

Agile learners explore new challenges, reflect on their work through feedback from others to learn and grow. Executives with higher agility and flexibility are preferred 5X more. Fortunately, you can develop these skills through leadership training programs.

3. Self-Awareness

Self-awareness involves identifying and understanding one’s strengths, weaknesses, and the true extent of the potential. Along with self-awareness, one should be able to self-reflect on the actions taken as a leader. The leadership skills training programs undertake sessions that open up an individual to all of these aspects, thus enhancing self-awareness.

Dr. Les Parrott, a well-known psychologist, author, says that entrepreneurs, in particular, can benefit from being self-aware of their emotions, habits, and behavior…

“In the entrepreneurial life, you get focused. You get tunnel vision. Self-awareness is at the pinnacle of psychological health. An organization can only be as healthy as its leaders. Lack of self-awareness can be toxic.”

4. Influence Skills

A leader needs to have a positive influence over his/her team members and subordinates so they can communicate their vision, goals, and objectives. It is an essential skill that enables one to have a stronghold on the activities of the team, the ability to read the pulse of the team and ensure that all objectives are met with desired outcomes.

5. Conflict and Crisis Management

Conflict is not always unfavorable. On the contrary, if channeled properly, it can be healthy for teamwork and the key to long-term business success. It can generate creativity and innovation, adding a competitive edge to the company’s objectives. However, the challenge lies in knowing when and how to intervene. That’s where leadership skills training comes into the picture. It helps the leader resolve the conflict/crisis through positive dialogue, good communication, and a collaborative approach.

Start with your Leadership Skills Training

These days, corporate organizations are investing heavily in in-house leadership development. Taking aid from professional entities like coaches to provide leadership skills training to team leaders, managers, and executives with potential can help to make the overall organization’s environment healthy and positive. At times, the existing senior management might also need to integrate into such programs to upgrade their expertise.

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