Starting as a Certified Team Coach in UAE: Your Guide to Finding One

Starting as a Certified Team Coach in UAE: Your Guide to Finding One

Team coaching is the art and practice of challenging and facilitating a team to maximize its relationship and streamline its dynamics. While team coaching is quite in the buzz now for bolstering enterprise growth, the need for a certified team coach in UAE has also increased. In the coaching industry, nothing can match the value of a prestigious accreditation.

For a growing number of people, coaching has become ubiquitous because it is flexible, full of dynamism, and rewarding. However, for gaining credibility as a coach, getting accreditation is essential. Do you want to become a certified team coach? Then here are some steps to get you started!

1. Training

Before you decide upon your coaching institute, it is crucial to understand the different credentials you can get as a coach. Most training sessions involve hours of classroom training, mentoring sessions, and real-life coaching experience for preparing you for the competitive world out there.

Training sessions involve hours of classroom training, mentoring sessions, and practicing learnings. With professional coach training, aspiring coaches get coach-specific training, learn the code of ethics and competencies of recognized bodies like ICF, EMCC, CCE, or AoC. This helps you in gaining credentials from these globally known coaching bodies.

2. Certification

A coaching certification equips new coaches with proven tools and techniques; it establishes their legitimacy and increases their credibility in the coaching roles. While there are many coaching certifications out there, selecting accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF) can be beneficial.

ICF is the most popular and known coaching body in the world that offers credentials to coaching professionals. They do not provide training, rather approve coaches who offer coach-specific training.  ICF offers different coaching credentials to apply:

  • Accredited Certified Coach (ACC)
  • Professional Certified Coach (PCC)
  • Master Certified Coach (MCC)

Upon completing your ICF-accredited coach training course, you can work towards gaining experience and then apply for ICF Credential.

3. Practice

You need to practice as a team coach to gain experience hours if you wish to apply for any ICF Credential. Creating a clientele involves real-time experiences. You can start practicing right away from the training completion or even during training if you can. The key is to practice as much as possible before applying to any coaching bodies.

When you practice with diverse teams of different structures, you learn how to add value to enterprise infrastructure. You can understand how to handle unforeseen situations and aid teams at different organization strata to harness their complete creativity. 


Coaching has become the go-to solution for companies to prepare teams for changes. In fact, theoretically, about 51% of enterprises consider coaching a crucial part of their overall business strategy. When you start your career as a certified team coach in UAE, you embrace a new career possibility. You can also be a part of an organizations’ productivity strategy and help team leaders nip potential problems in the bud.

Being a certified team coach in the UAE can be a rewarding career. At Team Transformation, we are always keen on finding new ways to help budding team coaches reach their full potential. Join us and explore the endless possibilities that you can discover as a certified team coach in the UAE.