Selecting the Right ICF Coach Training Program

Selecting the Right ICF Coach Training Program

Do you need coach-specific training and a certificate to become a professional? Some professionals do conduct coaching sessions with clients without a certificate. However, that being said, it is better if you get certified as it adds credibility to your coaching competency. It is similar to any other professional practice, like law or medicine. Knowing about the existing laws does not allow you to represent someone in the court. Similarly, just having basic knowledge about medicines does not make you a medical practitioner.

The same applies to the coaching profession. The first step to honing the skills as a coach practitioner comes by learning and understanding the coaching competencies. That can only be acquired by undertaking an ICF coach training program and completing it to get certified and credentialed. The training is what separates the real coaches from the ones who are just using the title.

Now that you understand the importance of getting into a coach training program, the next step is to choose the right kind of program to get enrolled in. There are several coaching specializations, with separate levels in coaching certification. In this blog, we will talk about choosing the right ICF coach training program with TTPS (Training Program Search Service) by the International Coach Federation as a reference.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Finding an ICF Coach Training Program

Neither does the ICF offer coach training programs, nor does it endorse any coaching institute. However, it does accredit coach training programs. ICF offers a free search directory called the TTPS to browse different training programs and choose individually. Here’s a step-by-step rundown of the process.

Step 1

Consider the kind of credential that you want to earn post-training and certification. The hours of coach-specific training differ in terms of eligibility for credentials. ICF offers three types of credentials.

icf credential table

Step 2

Access the ICF portal and go to the TTPS directory to search for coach training programs suited for you. You can follow this link to access TTPS.

icf tpssStep 3

The page opens to a search directory mentioning ‘Enter Search Terms’ at the top, followed by a series of the box to fill-up to commence searching.

Step 4

The first selection is the Program Type under which you have choices in ACSTH, ACTP, and CCE. The ACTP (Accredited Coach Training Program) is highly recommended to coaching aspirants as it is an all-inclusive program with 125 hours of training along with mentor coaching and full performance evaluations.

Approved Coaching Specific Training Hours (ACSTH) program is considered an “al la carte” training program, which may or may not offer start to finish coach training. You can find more about it on this page.

Accredited Coaching Training Program (ACTP) is considered an “all inclusive” training program, which offers start to finish coach training. Find more about it here.

If you are counting Continuing Coach Education (CCE) units and/or non-approved training toward your training requirements, you have to follow the Portfolio path. CCE is considered supplemental and advanced education to acquire new learning and/or renew ICF Credential.

Step 5

Next is the Training Delivery Method under which you have virtual, in-person, and a combination of virtual and in-person as choices. Select the one you prefer and move to the next category. If you chose in-person training, then follow it up by selecting the country where you are currently residing.

Step 6

To get trained in the language of your convenience, you need to choose the Training Language.

tpssStep 7

The Coaching Specialty lets you choose a niche in coaching if you have determined that already. Training programs tend to be all-inclusive and contain the elements within the module that give you an overall idea about the coaching process. All the coaching niche mentioned in the list are pretty much self-explanatory.

Step 8

Now, hit the Search option, and you will get a list of all the accredited ICF coach training programs under your selected pathways and specialization. To know more about any training program, simply click on the training organization name. It will take you to another page with complete details about the program like program name, hours, description, etc.

The search results are sorted alphabetically in the list. Likewise, you can find accredited ICF Coach training institute in any area and specialization as per your preferences.


We hope this article will help you find an ICF coach training program that will benefit you the most in becoming a professional.

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