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Any company investing in employee development is investing in its own success. By training your employees, you create a workplace that is adaptive, flexible, and ready for the challenge. While many programs like team-building are feasible, a few core ones like Organizational Training programs are vital to your employees’ and company’s success.

When consulted by a Fortune 500 firm and Pyramid Resource Group, MetrixGlobal LLC’s report revealed that coaching produced a 529% return on investment (ROI) and significant intangible benefits to the business. We see many companies pouring money into training, year after year, to trigger organizational success. But many of them do not realize that participants in the corporate education programs often find it challenging practicing what they’re taught. 

So… what is Organizational Coaching?

There is no clear definition of coaching an organization. But certainly, organizational coaching does not occur when anyone in the organization gets coached. Organizational Coaching starts when it becomes a part of the organizational work culture. Coaching has to be in the toolkit for any person who wants to work effectively in an organization today. That is the first step to a coaching culture.

What does Organizational Training Programs do?

Organizations schedule development training programs regularly to enhance and update their employees’ skills. But what they actually require is a new way of learning and developing. Coaching can help them create a new adaptive mindset and ability to learn and advance in their career. When researchers studied a corporate training program intended to improve problem solving and communication between employees, they discovered that progress varied across the company. Improvements were greater in teams that had developed a “psychologically safe” climate. 

Organizational cultures reflect the responses and attitudes of their leaders. Leaders who neglect to establish and support psychologically safe work environments for their subordinates can cause irreversible deterioration to the organization.

Building a Psychologically Safe environment starts with coaching focused on deep behavior shifts that begin with each individual and expand throughout the organization.

An effective organizational training program allows the companies to align their resources to their goals and values. These resources include but are not limited to employees, training facilities, financial support, and tools.

What should you be your next step?

Team Transformation supports corporate transformation, empowering organizations, and its leaders to lead change. Our organizational training programs integrate individual coaching and organizational development, conducted as classroom and online training. The participants are equipped with coaching tools and models to implement changes and improve their respective departments’ performance. They receive real-time consultation and coaching from program faculty members and peers.

Team Transformation’s organizational training programs also help leadership teams align a clear, inspiring strategy and set of values. Our tailored programs aimed towards leadership teams help redesign organization, management systems, and practices to address the real problems.

Do you want your employees to learn on-the-job so that they can practice the new attitudes and behaviors required of them? Are you seeking organizational training programs that support each unit’s leadership and culture?

Contact Team Transformation today to get the best return for your investment into organizational training programs. Bring coaching to your organizational culture and work.


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