Moving from Boss to Leader: Can Coaching help?

Moving from Boss to Leader: Can Coaching help?

With more organizations realizing the need for thoughtful leaders over ‘bosses’ and managers, a new definition of leadership is emerging. Owing to this evolved outlook, the importance and need for leadership development training are increasing significantly. Many organizations are adapting to leadership and executive coaching methodologies to foster leadership qualities in senior management.

Leadership Development Training: How Coaching Helps

What are the qualities that are essential in a leader?

  • Cooperative and non-authoritative.
  • Greater sense of self and the surroundings.
  • A deeper understanding of behaviors and emotions.
  • Ability to motivate and inspire others.
  • Good communicator.
  • Active listener.
  • Ability to drive the team in a positive direction of individual and organizational growth.

All these can be fostered in an individual through leadership development training. Such programs of varied approaches have become quite accessible these days. However, how many of them can deliver favorable results is debatable. Contextual to that, a coaching approach might seem more viable for forging leadership qualities.

Many managers are undergoing leadership coach training to imbibe these softcore qualities. Being a manager/coach enables one to:

Navigate through disruptions

Coaching instills positive thinking and clarity of self. It improves one’s self-confidence, which aids in easy navigation through adversities and challenges with a problem-solving attitude.

Make Conscious choices

When the person is more aware of self and the surroundings, it helps to assess the situation better and make decisions that generate favorable results for the individual, the subordinates, and the organization.

Finding own leadership style

There is no definite formula for becoming a leader. Coaching awakens your strengths and weaknesses, enabling you to choose your own style of leadership.

Creating a psychologically safe work environment

With work environments becoming more hybrid, organizations need to evolve and create a psychologically safe space within workplaces that support their people to be their full selves. And adopting a coaching culture is the first step towards creating this self-awareness, accountability, and creativity in teams.

Developing & Achieving Goals

Coaching is the best tool to go granular on goals. Every person has different goals. Understanding your team’s priorities and helping them align to the organization’s goals requires you to be more than a leader.  Without understanding your subordinate’s goals, behavior, and skills, you cannot move forward towards identifying the underlying issues. 

Concluding Thoughts

Unprecedented challenges demand novel approaches and thinking. At present, we are in a similar situation, rising from the remnants of a pandemic and a dwindling global economy. In times like these, business organizations are obligated to create strategies that stimulate the economy towards growth.

Such actionable courses demand people with leadership abilities who can inspire, motivate and spearhead the foundation. Managers give directions to the subordinates, but a leader works towards the holistic development of the workforce. To that effect, the importance of leadership development training with a coaching approach cannot be denied.

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