Is Team Coaching Effective for India-based Companies?

Is Team Coaching Effective for India-based Companies?

“If you aim to walk faster, you should walk alone. But to walk far, you need to walk together.”—Ratan Tata, Former Chairman, TATA Sons & TATA Group.

In 2015 a survey was conducted by YSC Consulting, which revealed that India was quite behind when it came to corporate objective fulfillment through team building or teamwork. According to the survey, only 17% of the Indian CEOs had team support compared to 30% of China, 28% of the USA, and 24% of the global average. In addition, 24% of the Indian leaders expressed some sort of weakness in their existing teams. 

It has been more than a decade since then. The Indian corporate environment has gone through a landmark shift due to the start-up revolution. Today, small companies are earning huge profits due to solid cohesion between small teams built on the philosophy of “teamwork above all.” However, if there is still a gap that needs filling in an organization, that can be sufficed by hiring a certified team coach in India

The Concept of Team Coaching

Often misconstrued as a sports team-building exercise, team coaching for a corporate organization has a distinctive role in shaping the company’s human resources. A team coach can use his/her skills to facilitate, motivate, and inspire the teams within an organization to maximize their potential for improved performance and productivity with a unified approach towards achieving organizational goals.

Hiring a certified team coach in India can:

  • Offer support and motivational assistance to different teams (top, divisional, and functional, including individual team members).
  • Help the teams to traverse the competitive and complex corporate environment.
  • Assist all organizational units in the achievement of individual and collective goals towards growth and development.

Team Coaching Benefits for Indian Companies

India is a flourishing economy with a budding start-up culture, which means there are young teams in the corporate sector, with not much experience. With competition running high in a constantly evolving market, a team might hit a snag due to:

  • Unrealistic goal-setting.
  • Non-alignment with the larger organizational culture and strategy.
  • Communication gap among teams/members.
  • Team conflicts due to multiple issues.

All of these glitches can be addressed and neutralized by leveraging the skills and expertise of a team coach in India, the benefits being:

  • Strengthening of the bond between team members.
  • Continued support and motivation help in the enhancement of skills.
  • Helps team members to realize and solve individual problems and work as a unit towards common goals for organizational benefits.
  • Better cohesion among team members aids in conflict resolution and future avoidance of likewise situations.


Considering the present corporate culture in India, companies can put team coaching to their benefit and reap the rewards in better teamwork, coordinated efforts, and uninterrupted growth and development.

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