International Certification in Team Coaching: Your Definitive Guide

International Certification in Team Coaching: Your Definitive Guide

Post pandemic, the corporate biorhythm of Singapore has evolved drastically. Physical work environments have moved online, and work from home has become the new norm. When change has become the only constant in enterprises, keeping teams coordinated and productive can become gruesome. With the evolving dynamics of the organizational forefront in Singapore, many teams are struggling to achieve their full potential. For them, team coaching in Singapore can be the answer.

How is team coaching different than other coaching programs?

Team Coaching is the art of challenging a real team to facilitate growth. Unlike group coaching, which is just focused on helping individuals work in synchrony with each other, team coaching works in a much broader aspect.

Team Coaching is about maximizing the team’s performance as a whole and amplifying their growth individually to attain meaningful organizational growth. Team coaching is devoted to committing to a common purpose and being mutually accountable to achieve the goal.

In a nutshell, your organization or team needs team coaching if:

  • Your goals are unclear, or you lack a strategy
  • Your team’s decision-making processes are obsolete
  • Communication channels are deceitful
  • The team lacks a coordinated stakeholders management strategy
  • There is frequent conflict among the members with no methods of conflict resolution

There can be other reasons. Hence, a discovery call with the team coach can give you an idea of whether team coaching can help the organization or not.

Training, Experience, and Certification

A team coach creates sustainable team coaching modules to create a system-thinking perspective. These modules are based on creating coherence in thought processes. Team coaching helps organizations and teams to adapt to the changes quickly and efficiently. Teams don’t just learn to be more comfortable with ambiguity; they also learn many other important human-centered skills.

The experience is insightful as you get the opportunity to reflect deeper into your team’s dynamics and identify the skill gaps and strengths that were obscured. For the certification, there are many systemic, intensive Team Coaching curriculums from Team Transformation that are focussed on ICF’s core competencies. Let’s have a brief overview of these:

  • The foundational course provides an insight into the core concepts of coaching.
  • Professional coach training is an intermediate-level team coaching program that provides rock-solid tools and methods in team coaching.
  • Master coaching course aids in attaining in-depth knowledge of team coaching practices.
  • The ICF mentoring and credentialing courses are available online. This module is only for participants who want to be eligible for ICF credentialing at ACC or PCC level.

Why Team Transformation?

Team Transformation is focused on moving teams and organizations to the 21st century’s level of engagement, performance, and commitment. With end-to-end controlled workshops and team-building training, Team Transformation offers training programs that make you a certified team coach. There are many levels of coaching, ranging from master coach to master corporate consultant. Go for a module for team coaching in Singapore, depending on your expertise and individual requirements.

So, did you sign up for Team Transformation’s exclusive team coaching program yet?