ICF Team Coaching Training by Team Transformation

ICF Team Coaching Training by Team Transformation

Are you seeking ways to embark on a career path as a team coach? Do you want to be a better manager by imbibing the skills of a coach? Well, you can get the desired training and hone your skills by learning ICF team coaching from a reliable and reputed institute.

Team coaching has a demonstrated history of generating greater ROI for companies when integrated with the corporate model. According to a survey by Human Capital Institute, 51% of the organizations reported higher revenue after engaging in coaching activities. More than 62% of their employees were found to be more engaged and productive.

For similar results, you can start by encouraging your manager to get ICF team coaching to foster a productive and healthy work culture. All you need is a trusted and experienced learning partner like Team Transformation to support you in this initiative. Let’s explore more about team coaching and what Team Transformation can do for you. 

Defining ICF Team Coaching 

ICF team coaching is a collaborative process of partnering with a team or group of diverse individuals to bring positive change in its relationships and dynamics, driving maximum growth and potential towards the fulfillment of objectives. Team coaching empowers teams or groups to drive consistent development and high productivity via adaptability, innovation, goal alignment, and flexibility.

What Team Transformation offers you

Team Transformation is a leading organization based in Dubai with a presence in major geographies. It offers accredited courses for ICF team coaching, executive coaching, and leadership coaching. The courses offered by Team Transformation are designed for managers, consultants, leadership teams, organizational development professionals, etc. The intensive curriculum focuses on the ICF core team coaching competencies. The modules are:

  • Foundational Course: It’s a foundational program introducing participants to what team coaching is and how it is different from other team development interventions. 
  • Professional Coach: An intermediate level program, the Level-1 Team Transformation program is a 60 hours ICF-accredited program to learn team coaching interventions on a deeper level.
  • Master Coach: The Level-2 program is best for managers, senior executives and coaches who want to create a healthy work environment for the employees in an organization by developing a coaching culture. It’s a 125 hour ICF-approved team coaching program.
  • ICF Mentoring and Credentialing Course: This additional course is for those who want to apply for ICF Credential on completing their team coaching training and wish to further expand their professional credibility.

Why ICF Team Coaching Training with Team Transformation

By attending the ICF team coaching programs with Team Transformation, you:

  • Learn to prioritize and set the goals.
  • Imbibe skills that help in boosting team positivity and productivity.
  • Gain a better, more magnified understanding of how team dynamics work.  
  • Track the progress of the teams via team coaching tools and techniques.

Here are some of the benefits of the team coaching programs:

  • Foster high-performing teams;
  • Enhance leadership abilities;
  • Increase employee engagement for higher retention;
  • Improve team confidence;
  • Build a professional coaching network through ICF. 

Getting started with Team Transformation

To get started, enroll in the Team Transformation program. If you are new to team coaching, our Program Expert can help you understand where to begin. For more information, visit the website or request a consultation call with our expert. You can check our schedule for the upcoming course here


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