Master Coach Training (MCC)

Master Coach Certification

Level 3

Become a Coaching Expert with highest level of coaching skills and attain ICF-MCC Credentials

ICF Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP)
EMCC Accredited
BCC Accredited

Course Introduction

Master Coach Certification Training Program is ICF’s MCC (Master Certified Coach) level coaching certification training program. To be a master in coaching and to reach to the level of MCC certification it requires coaches to have a deep understanding and skill to apply the art, science and practice of coaching at a mastery level. Coach Transformation Academy is a global leader in coach certification at MCC level of ICF.

CTA’s Master Coach Certification Training Program for ICF MCC level certification is for coaches who already hold PCC credentials and wish to take their coaching skills to the highest level and gain mastery in coaching. This program assumes you already undergone multiple levels of coach training and If not then you can directly apply for this level however there will be an assessment and profiling done by CTA to enroll you in this program.

Course Summary

Course Length75 hours over a period of 4 months
LocationsVirtual/Online - Globally
Course LayoutVirtual/Online: 3 hours of online session per week for 10 weeks
Reflective Learning: 7 sessions of 3 hours each for coaching reflection
Coaching Assignments: 13 hours
Prerequisite ICF-ACC, ICF-PCC
Course Language English
Lead Instructions ICF Credentialed MCC Coach with CTA Coaching Skills Trainer Certification
Fee$ 6499.00

Course Outcome

Master Coach Certification is an ICF approved coach training program after your have completed 125 hours of Professional Coach Training Course at ACC level and Advance Coach Training Course at PCC level. This is a unique program for successful coaches and human capital developers to push through their own personal and professional limits. This program is designed for professionals looking for a breakthrough and ready to push to the highest level of coaching expertise.

This course is delivered through online mode and delivery methodology includes lecturing, one-on-one practice, large and small group sessions in addition to individual coaching sessions. Leadership, Group Coaching, Team Coaching, Brain Based Coaching Models, Career Development, Performance Improvement Coaching and Communications are among some of the topics that are covered. Participants learn and practice the specialized competencies of highest level of transformational coaching conversations. You will explore the latest evidence-based change methods and developments in leadership coaching and master the coaching skills and emerge as a graduate to earn the prestigious and recognized Masters in Coaching designation and credentials.

Course Details

There are 5 modules in this course. In addition, there is 10 hours of mentoring during these sessions which is separate from 5 modules, mentoring is done as 7 hours of group mentoring and 3 hours of individual mentoring.

Module 1: Building Coaching Business
At the end of this module students will have thorough understanding of starting their coaching business. This module covers all about the business aspect of coaching. Coaches will require to get their website built for this module. This module covers the topics like preparing business plan and strategy, building website, marketing approaches for coaches, software and tools required for coaching business operations, etc.
Module 2: PCC Markers & Evaluation & Assessments in Coaching
This module is focused on PCC, Evaluation and Assessments in coaching. Coaches will learn to integrate competencies with PCC markers to enhance and advance their coaching skills. Students will also learn advance coaching assessments tools like 360 degree, Emotional Intelligence and other evaluations that a coach needs to know specially for Executive, Leadership and Business coaching. You will learn and be able to interpret the results of these assessmemts. You will also design and develop your own for your coaching practice.
Module 3: Coaching Using Positive Psychology & Appreciative Inquiry
Coaching using positive psychology and appreciative inquiry has best usage in building and capitalizing strength of the client. This is a specially designed module for students to learn how to coach for strength, happiness and resilience. At the end of this module, student will have understanding of managing high performance and coaching them using their strength and current capabilities.
Module 4: Coaching Managers & Leaders
At the end of this module students will be able to manage coaching contract for managers, executives and leaders at workplace. Students are equipped with special tools and techniques to coach at workplace and to corporate and business leaders. You will gain a clear understanding of how to approach a coaching intervention with corporate leaders and enhance workplace performance through your advanced learned coaching skills.
Module 5: Coaching Teams / Groups
As a professional coach, students may be engaged with coaching not just an individual but teams and / or groups. This module equips our students with models, tools and techniques of team and group coaching. At the end of this module students will have learnt how to approach and manage a team or group coaching interventions. You will learn the advance level model of team and group coaching with selected team assessment / evaluation tools.
Module 6: Coaching Specializations & Design your own Coaching Models & Tools
At the end of this module students will have designed their own coaching niche developed and they will learn to design their own unique model and tools. You will not only learnto design and develop your unique coaching model & tool but you will try and test by practicing with our coaches and ensure you are confident and able to flaunt your designed tools.
Module 7: Practice, Certification & Assessment
This is the final module and you will finally sharpen your skills learnt by thorough practice and getting ready for final performance evaluation. Students will undergo mentoring and supervision for their coaching skills and also prepare for final written assessment. Student need to obtain required score in written and oral assessment to get certified. You will also need to make sure you have completed all homework and fieldwork as part of the curriculum. Once all these requirements are met, you will be awarded with the designation of "Certified Senior Transformation Coach"

About Us

Coach Transformation Academy (CTA) is a leading global coaching training organization building a worldwide network of certified coaching professionals with its commitment to deliver the highest standard of coach training through world class intensive classroom workshops and online training programs globally. CTA is a team of industry pioneers and leaders using proven “TRANSFORMATIONAL COACHING MODEL” to train individuals and organizations to leverage the incredible power of coaching. We ensure our coaches master the skills of coaching and become ready to effectively utilize learning in their current profession or start a successful coaching business. All our coaching programs include post training as part of the continual professional development to support our coaches to continue to sharpen their skills after they have completed the training. Our programs are highly interactive, practical and transformational and delivered using modern instructional design techniques

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