How do I Choose the ICF Coaching Programs Online?

The process of choosing ICF coaching training programs online can be very confusing because of multiple options available out there. Each program has its own approach, methodology, way of teaching, and accreditation that makes them different from one another. The most important thing to consider while picking the right ICF coaching program online is the program’s pathway.

The ICF Credential is a globally recognized professional coaching certification in the coaching industry. In this blog, we have shared a few tips to help you find the right ICF coaching programs online.

Do they teach real coaching?

When we talk about real coaching, it means you need to understand the terms ‘coach’, ‘coaching,’ and ‘coaching standards.’ To become a professional coach, you will need to master the coaching values, coaching knowledge, coaching skill sets, and coaching tools with a standard coaching mindset, ethics, and professionalism. A coaching program that bundles around these basics will teach you what it really means to be a certified professional coach.

Does it fit your preferences and values?

It is essential to determine how you will demonstrate your coaching knowledge and skills professionally. Hence, your preferences and requirements should match your program’s outcomes and goals. As every coach training provider has his/her own coaching approaches and style, checking upon their program’s values and goals is worth looking for.

Is it focused on core coaching competencies?

Getting into the niche and specialized coaching training sessions too soon won’t benefit you in the long run. First, you need to learn about the core coaching competencies and ethics that will help you connect with your audience quickly. Foundational coaching skills are as crucial as specialty and expertise on a coaching module to successfully coach people professionally or personally.

Do you have the opportunity to explore and develop your own coaching portfolio and model?

Learning coaching skills is not enough if you wish to be a successful coach. As any professional and businessman, you should know how to develop your own portfolio as a professional coach. For that, you should have the opportunity and training to build your own coaching model. This is quite beneficial, especially if you want to start your own coaching business or practice.

Can you practice your coaching skills while training?

Not all coach training providers provide space and opportunities to practice while training. Coach training providers like Team Transformation gives you space and ample opportunity to practice your newly-acquired coaching skills in the real-time with their global coaching community.

Are all the instructors/trainers accredited?

Do not neglect the credential/accreditation of the mentors, instructors, or trainers of the program, especially while searching for ICF Coaching programs online. ICF Coaching programs must have ICF certified coaches as trainers and mentors. If they’re not ICF Credential holders, then the training might not align with the ICF curriculum.


We hope these tips will help you in choosing the best ICF Coaching programs online. Investing in coaching is not only about investing your money, energy, and time; it’s also about investing in yourself. So, choose wisely. One pro tip: choose coach training programs that provide more than one certification (like Team Transformation is ICF, EMCC, CCE, and SHRM accredited!) opportunity. If you have any such questions or looking for the best ICF Certification program online, email us to know more.