What is ACTP in Coaching?

What is ACC and PCC? What is the relevance of ACTP and ACSTH in coach certification? For beginners, these abbreviations denote the different certification levels of coach training programs. Having clarity about these pathways for proves beneficial to an aspiring coach in choosing the best. In this blog, we’ll talk about ICF ACTP programs.

A Brief Introduction to ICF

ICF stands for International Coach Federation. It is one of the largest and globally renowned non-profit organizations for professional coaches. The ICF is dedicated to setting the highest standard for coaching competencies and code of conduct within the coaching profession. It provides independent certification. And has built a robust network of trained and skilled coaching professionals over the years.

The ICF also offers a globally acknowledged independent accreditation to programs and courses. The coaches acquire these ICF coaching certifications by following a stringent set of guidelines.

The ICF accredits coach-specific training programs as well, through a strict evaluation and review process. Those offering the training programs must validate that their training modules confer the core coaching competencies and ethical code upheld by the International Coach Federation.

What is ICF ACTP Accreditation?

ACTP stands for Accredited Coaching Training Program certification, provided by ICF. The accreditation is for third-party trainers who want to get their coach training programs accredited by ICF. Additionally, the ACTP is an all-inclusive coach training program offering start to finish coach training.

An institute or trainer should have at least 125 hours of student contact for ACTP approval. ACTP providers are also required to provide mentor coaching as well as conduct evaluation. The Mentor Coaching must be of minimum 10 hours.

Key Features of ICF ACTP

  • ACTP programs should have at least 125 student contact hours.
  • At least 80 percent of all training must be delivered in synchronous activities. And should focus on the ICF Core Competencies.
  • The remaining 20 percent of the training program can be delivered asynchronously. But, can focus on subjects not directly related to the ICF Core Competencies.
  • All instructors teaching content based on the ICF definition of coaching, ICF Core Competencies, and Code of Ethics must hold one of the three ICF Credentials (ACC, PCC, or MCC).
  • An ACTP provider can conduct Performance Evaluation as a part of the coach training program.
  • ACTP pathway is available for all the three levels of ICF Credentialing – ACC, PCC, and MCC.
  • You have to complete an entire ACTP program.
  • All ACTP programs have to provide 10 hours of Mentor Coaching as a part of the program.

Does Team Transformation provide any ICF-ACTP pathways?

Team Transformation is dedicated to providing world-class coach training. We conduct practical, experiential coach certification training programs, including the ICF ACTP program. Team Transformation provides ICF accredited team coach certification training programs. We support coaches, leaders, managers and organizations to instill coaching into their culture and create sustainable results.

ICF ACTP programs are the best way to start your coaching journey. Whether you want to be a coach or an effective leader, our coach training programs will maximize your potential. Unleash your potential and create a winning mindset with Team Transformation.


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