What is ICF ACSTH?

For many individuals, coaching is a life-changing experience that dramatically improves their outlook on work and life. Coaching constitutes an integral part of organizational frameworks because it helps people tap into their potentials and think beyond their limits. The International Coach Federation (ICF) inspires coaches to maximize their personal and professional potential by aligning to core values and ethical principles for behavior standards. Meeting these ICF standards of behavior signifies the demonstration of ethical practice necessary to uphold the integrity of the global coaching profession and ICF ACSTH is one of the most popular pathways to get accredited.
International Coaching Federation (ICF) is one of the most reckoned organizations for professionally trained coaches. Getting accredited through a globally recognized organization like ICF signifies a coach’s commitment to integrity, understanding, and mastery of the coaching skills, coaching competencies, and dedication to clients.

What is ICF ACSTH?

Approved Coaching Specific Training (ACSTH) program provides coach training institutes an opportunity to get accredited for providing a specified number of coach-specific training hours. ICF ACSTH thus isn’t a certification program for individual coaches. ACSTH is accreditation for coach training institutes and academies that wish to provide coach training to people.

ICF ACSTH training programs are typical “a la carte” training programs intended for third-party training providers interested in providing ICF certification training. Such programs may or may not offer complete start-to-finish training. For more information on the ICF ACSTH, you can read this blog. You can get credentialed under the ICF-ACSTH pathway.

The requirements vary for each level of credential. Here’s the difference between each:

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    A brief account of What are other ICF pathways?

    There are essentially three paths to ICF certification. These are:
    • Portfolio
    • ACSTH
    • ACTP

    ICF-Portfolio paths are for counting Continuing Coach Education (CCE) units and/or non-approved training toward your training requirements. CCE is intended as advanced training for professional coaches to acquire new learning and/or renew their ICF Credential.

    ICF ACTP pathway is for aspiring professional coaches. An ACTP is a start-to-finish coach training. It includes Mentor Coaching, observed coaching sessions, and a comprehensive final exam to evaluate coaching competency.

    ICF ACSTH pathway is also for aspiring professional coaches. ACSTH is an hour-by-hour basis coach training and may or may not be a full coach training program depending on the number of student contact hours.

    Why choose ICF ACSTH?

    A lot of people wonder about the difference between ICF ACTP and ICF ACSTH? Is ICF-ACSTH better than ACTP? If you want to know which is one is best for you, here are a few reasons why ICF-ACSTH can be the pathway to credential for you:

    • Can start your practice early: As ICF ACSTH is an hour-by-hour basis pathway, getting certification becomes easy. You don’t have to complete an entire program to receive the certificate. You could be certified in just a few months.
    • Choose your own mentor: ICF-ACTP requires you to undergo mentor coaching. If you don’t want to apply for ICF Certificate, then why pay for mentoring? Coach training is enough for you to get started. Plus, you can choose to partner with another mentor under ACSTH.
    • Customizable: The biggest advantage of choosing the ACSTH pathway is getting the freedom to customize your training that actually meets your goal. You can even select modules that you want to learn.

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