How to Get the Most from your Coaching Training

How to Get the Most from your Coaching Training

Coach training lays the foundation for your future years as a practitioner. While many might argue that certification is not a necessity, rather a formality to become a coach, a lot of the senior coaches beg to differ in this respect. Getting certified as a coach solidifies one’s status as a learned practitioner, not to mention adds credibility to his/her profile. Now that you are sure about getting a coaching certification, the query revolves around “the right training program” for certification. To answer that, you can either get ICF certified coach training online or any other accredited program by EMCC, BCC, etc.

An accredited program offers quality in learning with an advanced module that helps one to understand and imbibe the core principles of coaching. If you are interested in getting credentialed in the future then an accredited program is where you should start your coach training.

Different Phases of ICF Coaching Program

An ICF certified coach training online program abides by the principles and standards propagated by the International Coach Federation. It is a global governing body that since inception has worked towards setting precedents in the learning and practice of coaching. Being one of the leading organizations in the coaching industry that offers credentials, it can be immensely beneficial to take up an ICF accredited program.

There are 3 levels of ICF certification and credentials:

  • Associate Certified Coach (ACC)
  • Professional Certified Coach (PCC)
  • Master Certified Coach (MCC)

For either of the certifications, one has to complete the following phases.


Training here refers to the coach-specific training that involves learning the core competencies and ethical code of coaching. You will be assigned an instructor or mentor who will conduct one-on-one sessions online, helping you understand the core competencies and code of ethics for coaching. ACC – 60+ hours of coach-specific training PCC – 125+ hours of coach-specific training MCC – 200+ hours of coach-specific training


Mentoring is an essential aspect of ICF certification and credentialing. Anyone enrolled in an ICF certified coach training online program has to complete at least 10 hours of a mentoring session.

Experience Hours

Coaching experience hours focus on a hands-on approach, where you will be conducting sessions with clients. Later when you apply for a credential the coaching hours are taken into consideration.  ACC – 100+ hours with at least 8 clients.  PCC – 500+ hours with at least 25 clients.  MCC – 2500+ hours with at least 35 clients.

Coach Knowledge Assessment (CKA)

It is a comprehensive assessment, the final leg of your training where your competency and knowledge are evaluated. Upon passing the CKA, your application gets reviewed by ICF.


After you have completed all the above, you are finally awarded a certificate by ICF.

Get started with your ICF Coach training!

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