How to Get Started with Team Coaching in Singapore?

How to Get Started with Team Coaching in Singapore?

Singapore is the gateway to South-East Asia, a hub of booming SMEs and MNCs. You cannot penetrate the Asian market without having a presence in Singapore. With such a thriving role to play in the Asian markets, the corporate culture has to be robust and unwavering, hence the stress on team building, team transformation within organizations, and an inclination of executives and managers to get certified as a team coach in Singapore.

To further elaborate, corporate leaders, managers, and executives are tasked with the highly complex task of managing single or multiple teams, keeping a progressive and motivational approach to drive growth and organizational development. The aim is to forge and foster an environment where both teams and individuals can maximize their potential, generating higher performance levels and commitment.

Considering the present competitive climate in the global markets, the ability of leaders and executives to take on the role of coaches to assist the respective teams has become an utmost priority.

The Roles and Responsibilities of a Team Coach

A team coach has a diverse role in an organization, from working with individuals to team building initiatives. It is a multi-faceted job that sometimes might even require a significant understanding of the industry that the organization hails from. Hence, these days it is recommended for the existing team leaders and senior executives to play the role of a coach.

To become a team coach in Singapore, you have to look for a training program to learn and understand the competencies and ethics of coaching and its application in practical circumstances. The role and responsibility of a team coach include:

  • Devise and design collaborative exercises for team building and bonding.
  • Keep the team motivated towards a central organizational goal and work with individual members.
  • Encourage innovative thinking and exploring new possibilities and business opportunities.
  • Give unedited, honest, and constructive feedback to the team and its members.
  • Help team to maximize their potential and take accountability for their goals. 

Getting Started with Team Coaching in Singapore

To become a team coach in Singapore, first, you need to enroll in an accredited coach-specific training program. It validates your competencies as a team coach, instilling your clients’ faith in your approach. When choosing a training program and institute, you need to ensure their accreditation under ICF (International Coach Federation), BCC (Board Certified Coach), or EMCC (European Mentoring and Coaching Council).

To become a team coach, you can also get started with a Team Coaching certification course. Ensure that the course offers you coach-specific training hours, which usually varies as per the level of the certification. Each team coaching learning module is devised to make the aspiring coach learn and understand the core competencies and ethics of the coaching.

You also have to complete a minimum of 10 hours of the mentoring session, which comes in handy when applying for credentials after certification.

A clear path of progression helps the coach chart a perfect route from learning and certification to credentialing, which is the ultimate accomplishment for any practicing coach. Being a global coach training institute, Team Transformation has a thriving presence in South-East Asia, including Singapore. Team Transformation offers advanced and updated training in team coaching in Singapore. In addition, the Team Transformation is accredited by ICF, making credentialing after becoming a team coach in Singapore easier.

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