How to Become a Team Coach in Dubai?

Do you want to know how to be a team coach in Dubai? In this blog, we have given the information on how to be a certified team coach. Keep checking our blogs to know more on team coaching!

The term team coach often makes people assume that it is somehow related to sports or athletics team coaching. The one that we are referring to here is about organizational team coaching. Team coaching focuses on creating a robust work environment where teams produce the best results collectively.

What can a Team Coach do?

A certified team coach support teams to enhance their performance and grow together as a team. They don’t give readymade solutions to people, rather aid them in working out individual solutions, with various team coaching exercises and group activities. A team coach is capable of many transformations like:

  • Support team members to align their individual goals with the organizational goals.
  • Encourage and explore novel ways of thinking and allowing one to understand his/her potential within.
  • Assess the feedback received during the sessions and create a customized team-building strategy around it.

How is a team coach different than counselors or therapists?

A team coach needs to be a patient listener and have a non-judgmental attitude towards all the response that he/she is receiving from the team members. They are not problem-solvers, as they support people to understand their issues and find solutions on their own for the organization’s ultimate benefit in the long run.

How to Get an ICF Team Coaching Certificate

There are multiple steps involved in getting a team coaching certification. To become a certified team coach in Dubai:

  • Enroll in a coach training program that is preferably ICF, PCC, EMCC, or BCC accredited. The trainee can also get mentor coaching done additionally if that is an available option provided by the respective training center.
  • Attend online or classroom training sessions where experienced mentors will help with learning the modules of coaching.
  • Complete the coaching training hours, mentor coaching, and the assessment as per the regulations set forth by International Coaching Federation (ICF).

After completion of the learning modules, a final performance evaluation may be conducted by the training institute.

Getting a coaching certification validates a person to start his/her very own practice. They can either work independently or get associated with an organization. The more you continue coaching practice, the more experience you gain, and in the long run, it will help you apply for credentialing.

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