How to become ICF Team Coach in India

How to become ICF Team Coach in India

Coaching has transformed into a global industry worth $18 billion. It has also become one of the most rapidly growing industries. India is no exception. Now, in 2022, small and large scale corporations thrive on coaching, and being a team coach in India is a rewarding career. Why? Let’s see!

The importance of ICF in team coaching

The search for team coaching programs in India has witnessed an exponential surge. The pandemic and the past few years of organizational turmoil presented unprecedented challenges. Organizations now look for professional team coaches who can help to cope with new cruxes to navigate through such time. At a time like today, accreditation bodies like International Coach Federation (ICF) hold a significant role in orchestrating the skyrocketing growth in the coaching industry. ICF is known to be the gold standard in coaching, and for the high regard for ICF, all ICF-certified courses are becoming career goals for most aspirants.

Are you wondering how to become a team coach in India ICF? Are you looking for ICF coach training and wondering who should go for the ICF credential and why? Then here is a step-by-step guide for you.

Who is the ICF credential for?

If you aspire to become a coach who wishes to work with professional corporate clients, applying for the ICF credential can be a great idea. It can sieve you out of the mainstream and accredit you as a professional team coach who has completed rigorous certification training process. Most organizations prefer to work with ICF or EMCC certified team coaches.

There are many benefits of getting an ICF credential as a team coach. Some of them are listed as follows:

  • With ICF-accredited team coach training, professionals can improve their skills. Any ICF-approved coach training has a rigorous review process that ensures its curriculum meets the standards. ICF primarily offers three levels of certifications, named as:
    • Associate Certified Coach (ACC) – ACC requires 60+ hours of coach training with 100+ hours of coaching experience.
    • Professional Certified Coach (PCC) – PCC requires 125+ hours of training with 500+ hours of coaching experience
    • Master Certified Coach (MCC) – MCC requires 200+ hours of training with 2500+ hours of coaching experience.
  • You gain recognition globally. And can be a member of its global coaching community, helping you expand your network.
  • Coaching as a profession is demanding, and team coach training can help you further expand your coaching and leadership competencies.


Becoming an ICF team coach in India is rewarding because the accreditation body promotes professionalism while ensuring that coaches and the training institutes are well qualified. With the ICF accreditation, you can isolate yourself from the plethora of mediocrely trained/ untrained coaches that are out there. However, remember that ICF credentials are mandated for a periodical renewal.

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