How to Become an Executive Coach in Dubai?

Executive coaches have an in-depth knowledge regarding the functioning and the environment of an organization, including the work pressures and challenges that come with large, cross-cultural teams. Even people with exceptional leadership abilities can falter from time to time to deliver their best in such a competitive environment. That’s when executive coaching becomes relevant. Let’s read more about how you can be an Executive Coach in Dubai.

What is the Importance of Executive Coaching Certification?

The first step towards becoming an executive coach in Dubai is to receive coach training from an International Coaching Federation (ICF) accredited coach training institute. If you get an executive coaching certification:

  • It becomes easy to gain credibility for self.
  • The certification builds an excellent reputation for you as a professional coach and makes your service legitimate.
  • Adds more value to your coaching. Professionals and organizations can identify you as a professional executive coach.
  • Participating in an internationally accredited coach training program helps the participants to get acquainted with the latest tools and techniques of coaching.
  • Having accreditation helps in networking. You become part of the community of fellow coaches, allowing you to build acquaintances with peers and mentors and create your position within the industry.

Where To Get Executive Coach Training in Dubai?

In Dubai, becoming an executive coach starts with finding and getting enrolled under an ICF accredited coach training institute in Dubai. A certified executive coach training program is comprehensive, with workshops and interactive coaching practice opportunities. The classes are usually provided in a classroom set up and online. Getting an executive coach certification in Dubai involves completion of several steps from training to credentialing. Here’s what one has to do:

  • Enroll in an executive coach training program, preferably accredited by ICF, EMCC, or CCE. ICF is the globally recognized coaching accreditation provider body.
  • Attend either online or classroom coach training and complete the training, assignments, and other fieldwork (if any). If you’re choosing ICF, you may get options to choose between ACSTH and ACTP. Both pathways lead to ICF Credential.
  • Complete executive coach training hours, mentor coaching, and assessment (if any).
  • Once you complete your training, you can start working on your coaching experience hours. If you do not want to get any international credential, you can start your practice after receiving certification from your training provider.
  • If you’re interested to get international accreditation, you have to complete your coaching experience. Then apply to the coaching body to receive credential.

The certificate validates the newly appointed coach’s credibility to be of support to others through their own practice. While some prefer to work independently, many partner with organizations as internal coaches. Read this blog to know more about the step-by-step process to become a coach in Dubai.

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