How to Become an Executive Coach in Dubai?

How to Become an Executive Coach in Dubai?

Before we delve into executive coaching in Dubai, let’s first understand what coaching is. 

Coaching, as defined by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), is a collaborative effort with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that motivates them to reach their full personal and professional potential. Coaching differs from other service professions such as counseling, mentoring, and consulting, cultivating a client-driven approach.

The definition of Executive coaching is as the following: Executive coaching is assisting professionals in developing self-awareness towards their goals. Executive coaching entails partnering with an individual to help them unleash their potential.

How Executive Coaching Is Different?

Many people use the terms leadership coaching and executive coaching interchangeably. However, they are not the same. Leadership coaching falls under the umbrella of executive coaching, with a close emphasis on the client’s leadership growth rather than their personal development or life goals.

Executive coaches help clients with their larger vision in both professional spheres. Leadership coaching focuses on enhancing leadership abilities through coaching.

Why Do Executives Need Coaching Skills? 

Coaching nowadays isn’t remedial; it is imperative. As per Eric Schmidt, the executive chairman of Alphabet Inc. (before known as Google), every budding CEO should have a coach. Executive coaches lay a basis for sound decision-making to aid organizations in staying on top of their game.

Managers who receive executive coaching to improve resilience witness an exponential rise in team performance and team innovation and a relative decrease in burnout. Furthermore, “organizations with the biggest improvements in workforce resilience” had stronger year-over-year revenue growth and a substantial rise in revenue growth. In executive coaching, managers or leaders build resilience through one-on-one talks, focused practice and reflection, and personal growth goals.

Executive coaching provides a unique perspective that can’t be found anywhere else: impartial, helpful, yet intimate enough to bring out blind spots that we are unaware of. It can also serve as a “sounding board” for ideas and plans, allowing them to evolve more effectively through conversation with someone who does not have a competing goal. Coaches can also give a discreet listening ear to CEOs who need to “vent.” Finally, executive coaching assists leaders in advancing into larger roles more successfully and with less discomfort.

Getting Started

The current dynamics of executive coaching in Dubai is on the verge of exponential growth. Aspiring coaches are enrolling for coach training programs because they want to strike the harmony between personal and professional development. You can do the same by registering for an accredited coach training program.

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