How Executive Coaching Helps You If You’re Being Called TOO OLD during Job Interviews

Finding a new role as a senior candidate after a certain age is not a piece of cake. Too many taboos such as lack of energy, lethargy, and sluggishness are tagged with them. Sometimes, they have to face terms such as un-hirable, too old, and unemployable during their career transition. These are pretty much emotional challenges that senior candidates have to go through, but all of us are well aware of a famous proverb – Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Executive coaching can help you reach your goals, gain an attitude that will turn your weaknesses into strengths, and learn how to tackle challenges you face as a senior employee in a company or a senior candidate seeking a job.

In this blog, we will discuss ways executive coaching can help you find a new worthy role in the industry.
Helps You Set a Growth Mindset

The main aim of executive coaching is to build confidence and cultivate thoughts that make you a valuable asset in the industry. It will enable you to identify and communicate how your values align with an organization’s needs. Listening actively, being curious, and asking questions with an open-mind will change the perception of interviewers or higher authorities from ‘you need this job’ to ‘you have value propositions that would benefit the company’.

Helps in Focus on Leading with Experience and Energy Both

At present, Dubai is a city where hundreds and thousands of projects take place. It is leaping towards innovation, creativity, and sustainable growth.

Having experience in a field is not enough these days when millennials around the world have their eyes on Dubai with their new ideas and energy.

You have to show your energy towards the role you apply. Through executive coaching, you learn what to and how to communicate. When you know the right way of speaking, you can highlight your excitement towards the company’s projects sharply and explain how your expertise can help in better project management and performance.

Understand Today’s Work Culture and How to Present Yourself

Dubai is innovating faster than ever, and work culture has witnessed many changes in recent years, right from shared office space to a co-working culture. What kind of appearance modern companies are expecting is having a great influence even on the wardrobe of workers. Considering a wardrobe update to look more authentic and resonate with a company’s culture can help you win hearts and make a good first impression.

Helps to Highlight Your Adaptability

Presenting the right kind of attitude and avoiding the tone that may have a negative impact is essential when you are trying to enter a new industry or a company. Executive coaching helps you change your perspective, dispel fears, and work on your challenges. It will help you handle clients that are hard to win and open you to work with colleagues of all age groups, gender, and culture.

If you are also facing problems in career transitioning or in maintaining your status quo in a company as a valuable asset, then executive coaching is the right door to knock at.