How do you become a Transformational Coach?

How do you become a Transformational Coach?

“Everyone has the power within to create what they desire”- as a coach, this has been my core belief about human potential. The ultimate power to fulfill our dreams and make sustainable changes in our lives lies within us; we just need to harness it for desirable results. I have come across several people who feel that their life didn’t go as planned or that their plans didn’t work out the way that they wanted. Unable to process that, most of them go spiraling down instead of taking the high road.

Speaking from my years of experience as a coach, when your old plans fail, make new plans. Take a different road, and be open to change so that the direction of your life can change as well. The cause of your failures and successes lies in your behavior, your thought process, and your perception. One can rewire, transform how their minds work, and through that bring optimistic changes in life. I have aided several of my clients to transition likewise through transformational coaching.

I am a life coach with transformational coaching certification, and today we’re discussing how you can become a transformational coach.

What is transformational coaching?

Let’s begin with an introduction. Transformational coaching bears a resemblance to life coaching. It is the process of aiding people to improve their state of life by inviting the necessary changes through self-awareness and self-realization. This coaching focuses on transforming how an individual sees him/her, for instance, the perceptions that they carry, self-image, and doubts that they have regarding their potential.

How to be a transformational coach?

Transformational coaching certification is what you need to help people transition themselves into their better version, or rather the best version. Being a transformational coach has given me the ability to:

  • Honor the life’s purpose of another individual
  • Be less judgemental and more encouraging to the others
  • Be of aid to individuals who are having a hard time realizing and exploring their full potential
  • Help individuals to become self-aware

If you think you can become a transformational coach, you need to get enrolled in an accredited program for coach-specific training to start with. That legitimizes your abilities as a competent coach and instills faith in your clients in you. While choosing a course, ensure that they are recognized by international coach regulatory bodies like the ICF (International Coach Federation), EMCC (European Mentoring and Coaching Council), and likewise.

Getting a transformational coaching certificate requires you to complete coach specific training hours, which varies according to the level of the certification you are taking.

Along with the coach training sessions, there are mentoring hours (a minimum of 10 hours). Mentoring helps a coach to get credentials as a professional after certification. The training program follows up with assignments, fieldwork, and final performance evaluation before providing the transformational coaching certification.


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