How do you become a Team Coach in India?

How do you become a Team Coach in India?

Owing to the gigantic corporate fan following of team coaches, team coaching training in India has become quite an in-demand profession. The number of aspiring team coaches and team coaches has skyrocketed like a missile in the past few years, and the numbers aren’t expected to sink anytime soon. Wondering why? Well. Let’s find out more about team coaching training in India.

Why Team Coaching training?

As per the Grant Thornton Global Survey, 85% of boards in India are manifesting internal control touchpoints to address company culture and employee behavior. What’s staggering is that the Indian burgeoning IT industry utilizes almost 1.5 million workers. As the business ecosystems are mushrooming in size, the challenges in the corporate terrain are expanding massively. Businesses are investing in resources insanely to institutionalize the right culture in their organization, bolster efficiency and orchestrate the communication mediums. One such resource is team coaching.

Through team coaching training in India, aspiring coaches can acquire the expertise to:

  • Aid businesses in fuelling their organizational growth.
  • Team coaching training can equip coaches with the skills that are specified by the standard code of conduct and ethics in coaching.
  • Coaches can get better adaptability in coaching style to magnify the impact of their coaching on individuals.
  • With the detailed intricacies of a team coaching training program, aspiring coaches can learn to identify the developmental requirements of individuals.
  • On the completion of the coaching program, coaches can avail the certification from an ICF accredited training institute that shows their credibility.

What Accreditations Are Recognized?

When it comes to team coaching training in India, ICF is known to be the gold standard in accreditation. The different pathways for accreditation include:

  • ACC (Associate Certified Coach)
  • PCC (Professional Certified Coach)
  • MCC (Master Certified Coach)

What after Training?

After about 10 hours of mentor coaching and thorough training, aspiring coaches can submit an ICF application for attending a team coaching training exam. The exam will be based on the core coaching competencies and different codes of ethics. Post the test, one can be recognized as an ICF accredited coach who can start practising as soon as possible.

Taking an ICF Credential is not mandatory. You can start practicing even after completing the training. However, getting a certificate from ICF adds credibility as a professional coach. Team Transformation provides various courses on Team Coaching. You can check them out here.

Getting Started with Team Coaching Training

Team coaching offers tons of multifaceted benefits to enterprises. There is a massive demand for team coaches in the realm of corporate panorama because multigenerational workplaces demand synchrony for productivity, innovation, and engagement. Considering the present corporate culture in India, opting for team coaching training in India can facilitate coaches to aid organizations in uninterrupted growth and development.

Do you want to get your team coaching certification from a well-known organization? Then get started with Team Transformation as your coaching partner. Team Transformation offers ICF-accredited team coaching training in India.

Get started with your team coaching training in India now!