How do you become a leadership coach?

How do you become a leadership coach?

Holding a leadership position, be it in society or in a corporate organization, comes with a host of responsibilities complementing the power that it bestows one with. However, being at the helm of strategic decision-making and charting a company’s growth graph can be quite jarring. It can inadvertently add to the stress levels of a person, clouding their judgment and causing a decline in performance, which ultimately impacts the organization’s progress. So, what can one do? How can they prevent these things from happening? The new-age corporate is seeking their answer in coaching, with more CEOs and senior executives signing up for leadership coaching certification online.

What is Leadership Coaching and its Relevance?

Traditionally, in leadership coaching, coaches work with CEOs, senior executives, and others in diverse leadership positions. The aim is to motivate them for a lasting, impactful, and optimistic change that resonates within and in the outside world. Continued motivation, enhanced performance, and creativity are the primary objectives of leadership coaching that can further diversify depending on the client’s issues.

A manager or senior executive can opt for leadership coaching certification online to optimize self-development and improvement and channel the same through the organization. When a leader becomes a coach, it can generate immense benefits for the work-force.

Owing to this, many corporate entities are promoting the importance of leadership coaching within the higher ranks of the organization. Going by the trend, one can expect it to become a standard protocol for leaders to get leadership coaching certification in the future.

How can you become a leadership coach?  

Becoming a leadership coach starts with finding a coach-specific training course or program. First, you have to find an accredited institute with a comprehensive leadership coaching module, following the standards of any leading coaching organizations like ICF (International Coaching Federation) or CCE (Center for Credentialing Education). While ICF offers different pathways and certifications in the form of ACC, PCC, and MCC levels, the CCE offer likewise accreditations in the BCC or Board Certified Coach. We have mentioned a brief break-up of the process below, with reference to ICF.

Coach-Specific Training

  • Enrolling under a suitable leadership coaching certification online program.
  • Finding the right certification and program that supports the same.
  • A standard program will have different pathways for accreditation.
  • It is best to go for an ACSTH accredited program for the beginners-level and then build your way up to the higher levels.

Coach Training Modules

  • A standard program has multiple modules and two phases of learning.
  • In the first phase, you will get coach-specific training.
  • The training will be for you to understand and imbibe the core competencies needed in leadership coaching.
  • Your training will go on for four weeks (the time varies as per the program, but four weeks in the standard time).

Practice the Coaching Skills

  • The next phase is all about the practical approach towards getting your leadership coaching in the right direction.
  • Knowledge assessment and fieldwork will be assigned by your coaching mentor.
  • In between, you will have to participate in 10 hours of mentor coaching.

Assessment and Certification

A final assessment is conducted. After that, you are certified as a leadership coach.

Post-certification, after gaining the required coaching experience hours, you can apply for credentialing under ICF, BCC, or EMCC to firmly establish yourself as a leadership coach.


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