How do I get ICF PCC Credential?

How do I get ICF PCC Credential?

If you are familiar with the world of coaching, then you probably know the International Coaching Federation or ICF. It is a globally recognized accreditation institute that has set the gold standards for professional coaching. ICF offers three credentials that denote the increasing levels of training hours and coaching experience. One of them is PCC. Do you want to become an ICF-PCC? Read on.

At present, ICF’s three credentials level are:

  1. Associate Certified Coach (ACC) credential
  2. Professional Certified Coach (PCC) credential, and
  3. Master Certified Coach (MCC) credential.

Highlighting the features of ICF PCC

Before opting for the ICF PCC training program, it is essential to determine why you need the training program. Besides, it is also necessary to understand what you are signing up for. To be specific, a PCC or Professional Certified Coach Training program features elaborate 125 hours of extensive coach-specific training. This constitutes gaining a fair knowledge about the different coaching methodologies, approaches, and theories in professional coaching.

Then there are 10 hours of mentor coaching with a PCC or MCC coach. The mentor-specific coaching sprawls over three months and is essential to make aspiring coaches understand the ups and downs of real-time situations. To get certified, coaches must show 500 hours of coaching experience among with 440 should be paid with at least 25 clients. They must take the CKA or the Coaching Knowledge Assessment Exam and Performance Evaluation.

Depending upon the pathway, the rules for Performance Evaluation change. As you might be aware, you can pursue the ICF-PCC credential under three pathways – ACSTH, ACTP, and Portfolio. 

How to find the perfect training program for PCC certification?

  • Do your research about the features of distinguished training programs.
  • Consider the duration of the course.
  • Analyze the industry reputation of the institute that you are selecting.
  • Talk to the experts, ask questions tentatively and enquire about the experience of the mentors.
  • Pick a PCC program from an ICF-accredited institute or training provider only.

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The bottom line

Team coaches are equipped with a wide range of skills and perspectives to identify the underlying problems in your team infrastructure and build solutions to overcome them. Managers, CEOs, and team members at the base level need constant motivation and interpersonal training sessions.

Coaching enables individuals to be effective trainers, trained listeners, and impeccable motivators. Whether your team needs better communication skills, more encouragement, or a wide array of new skills, Team Transformation can help you become an effective Team Coach and become eligible for the ICF-PCC credential.

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