How do I Become a Certified Team Coach in Singapore?

How do I Become a Certified Team Coach in Singapore?

Coaching is a multi-faceted discipline with several specializations, one of which is team coaching. Traditionally associated with sports activities, team coaching has garnered significant importance in the corporate world, where enterprises are run by teams of professionals.

Team coaching is all about creating a cohesive work environment. On that note, in this blog, we will discuss how a person can get certified to offer team coaching training in Singapore.

Why Opt for Team Coaching?

It is a form of specialized coaching which benefits:

  • Individuals who make the team;
  • The team or unit as a whole and;
  • The organization, employing the team.

Training as a team coach also means significant self-transformation as well. From an organizational point of view, every enterprise needs strong teams that work towards the collective objective of growth and success.

For instance, Singapore is a developed country with hundreds of enterprises driving the economy towards growth and scalability. The success of business organizations directly influences the economy’s growth. In recent years, team coaching as a professional has flourished in the region because even the leading enterprises have been acknowledging the importance of high-functioning teams and the need for a coach to assist and steer the workgroups towards collective goals. So, by choosing team coaching training in Singapore, you are

What Accreditations are recognized in Team Coaching?

Before enrolling in a team coach training program, there are a few things that one should be aware of. Firstly, when enrolling in a training program, you should check if it is accredited. Although coaching is not regulated, there are global organizations that offer accreditations to the programs offered by the training institutes are accredited by:

  • ICF (International Coaching Federation)
  • EMCC (European Coaching and Mentoring Council)

Both ICF and EMCC are international coaching organizations that offer accreditations to the training courses, making them credible. The accredited programs are designed to help individuals understand the core competencies of coaching and the ethics to uphold as a practitioner. Another essential aspect of the accredited course is that after certification, one can get credential by ICF or EMCC. So, when you are enrolling in team coaching training in Singapore, make sure that the program is accredited by a notable global organization.

Getting Started with Team Coaching Training

The first step towards getting trained as a team coach is finding a globally recognized institute with accredited courses. If the course is ICF accredited, then multiple pathways will be available. The ICF pathways are,

  • ACC (Associate Certified Coach)
  • PCC (Professional Certified Coach)
  • MCC (Master Certified Coach)

When undertaking team coaching training, you can choose the pathway of your preference. The training till certification involves:

  • Coach-specific training hours (understanding and learning the coach competencies, code of ethics, code of conduct, tools and more).
  • Mentor Coaching (10 hours).
  • Hands-on approach towards practical coaching sessions (under supervision).
  • Coach Knowledge Assessment.

After completing all the above steps of team coaching training in Singapore, the aspirant gets certification. Post-certification, one can start practicing as a team coach or join a business organization.


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