Exploring Team Coaching Courses: How to Become a Team Coach in Egypt

Exploring Team Coaching Courses: How to Become a Team Coach in Egypt

While the West in recent years has shown a steady investment in bringing about team coaching with the help of highly qualified team coaches, the countries of the Middle East are yet to catch up. As of August 2020 , there are only 143 ICF-certified coaches in Egypt. Needless to say, the number should be going up in the coming years. Corporates investing in team coach training in Egypt are already seeing the benefits. If you’re also thinking about upskilling your career in Egypt, team coaching can be the best training program to go for.

How does ICF define team coaching? 

When it comes to coaching, International Coaching Federation (ICF) is the apex organization that provides certifications and accreditations to professionals who complete the training courses and qualify as team coaches. The ICF Team Coaching Competencies model precisely outlines what team coaching should be all about. According to ICF, team coaching entails:

  • Acting as partners to team members to initiate a self-reflective analysis
  • Developing interpersonal relationships in groups to foster a healthy workplace
  • Targeting the maximization of individual and group potential to accomplish set objectives. 

The Middle East speaks: 

Although the Middle East countries still have a long way to go in building a specialized class of team coaches, they are not far behind in recognizing the benefits of the same. In an ICF-supported study conducted by The Henley Centre for Coaching, respondents from Middle-Eastern countries identified areas where team coaching could yield excellent results. The report had quite surprising information on team coaching impact:

  • Aid in enhancing self-awareness, leadership qualities, and managerial performance
  • Align the team with the adopted business strategy
  • Develop the capacity to work collectively, and deal with transitions and change
  • Improve emotional intelligence on an individual level
  • Help teams move forward and coach themselves

What courses can aspiring team coaches go for?

Opting for team coach training in Egypt is a rather convenient process. If you are going for ICF accredited training programs for team coaches, you can look for a leading coach training provider to avail the same. You can undertake any of the following courses. 

  • Team Transformation Foundation Course to understand what is team coaching and how it is different from team building or any other team development interventions.
  • Team Transformation Professional Coach Course to gain a higher level of expertise in team coaching, work as a professional team coach.
  • Team Transformation Master Coach to learn to coach a diverse range of teams, gain expertise in team coaching, and get certified as a Master Team Coach.
  • ICC PCC Coach Training Program to complete and qualify for coach training for ICF-PCC level credential as a Team Coach.

Each course comes with certification and resources, benefitting executives and professionals irrespective of their job field. With Team Transformation, you can upskill your career as a leader and team coach.

If undertaking team coach training in Egypt is now at the top of your goals, check out Team Transformation. Team Transformation is the leading ICF-accredited team coach training provider in Egypt. You can check more details on the courses here.


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